Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Merry Christmas!!!

Oh.... wait a minute... It's January 27th.

Why is there a lit Christmas Tree outside my house?

Why are there still wreaths lighting up on the lamp posts?

Was Clancy single handedly responsible for decorating Central Square Lynn, all by himself?

That would be the only logical explanation.

That, or, some city department is no longer on the ball due to recent changes.  Ahem....

Let's get Central Square looking like January. It's time to ditch the tree.


  1. maybe its a 40 day thing..till after Christmas?

  2. seriously that thing needs to come down. can't you use your connections in the mayors office to get a work crew out here Corey ?


  3. I believe those are provided by a citizen-volunteer and not by the City. I can talk to him.

  4. Thanks Seth. I noticed the nutcracker men are gone. I hope they didn't get stolen.

    They all stopped reading this blog the day after the election.

  5. Corey,
    "They" did not stop reading this blog the day after the election. The decorations will be down by next week, thanks to the Mayor's office. I contacted them after reading this post, and they were back with the timeframe within an hour.
    An interested, concerned, involved citizen.

  6. soo cool they still read this blog!!! :)

  7. Tick Tock. It is now "next week"

    The Christmas Spirit is still going strong in Central Square. I think I even saw carolers out there last night.



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