Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mildred's - 2 inches of snow or more - Breakfast is 5 bucks cheaper!

Mildred's is not exactly in Downtown, but a short walk up Broad Street to Lewis and you're at one of the most charming brunch locations on the North Shore.  From now until April, if it snows more then 2 inches, they take 5 bucks off your meal, just for trekking out in the snow.

I can always get Sarah to go there just based on the fact that they have one of the best fruit bowls in the world.  Today, I had a mexican omelette.  Pan-fried brilliantly. YUM! They have an incredible selection of meals, great cooks, extensive list of different coffees and teas, and wonderful service. I remember last year they were in a bit of a crunch financially, but they managed to pull through it and stay open. Check them out when you get a chance. They play old movies on the screen to go along with the decor. Auntie Mame was on this morning.


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