Thursday, January 21, 2010

OECD - Incredible That We Never Talk About It

Funny story....

I'm directing a show at Reading High School that deals with four developmental disabled adults and their case worker. I wanted to see what Lynn had for resources in this regard so that perhaps I could visit the facilities and talk to some people. What I found when I googled "lynn, ma developmental challenges" surprised me.

This website for the Office of Economic & Community Development OECD

This made me pause. The website is fantastic. Lots of great pictures of Lynn, fantastic studies on zoning, parking, waterfront, etc.   So then, what is EDIC?   Seems to be an organization focused on all the same things.

I went to the City of Lynn website to try and figure out what was what. EDIC, the non profit organization that functions as the City of Lynn's development bank is listed on the City's website.

The OECD is not listed on the City's website, yet it seems to be a City department. Certainly more so then the non-profit org listed above.   It also seems to be a hidden gem, at least to this Lynner. Has this always been here? Jamie Marsh is listed as the development director. I think this is incredible. If this is now what Jamie is focused on, it's perfect. This is exactly where we need him.

The OECD has a FY10 Action Plan.   Clancy's name is on it. I wonder if it will be revisited. Community Development may have a different spin with our new Mayor.

There is a Citizen Advisory Board

They tout a history of listening to the citizens. Interesting.

I'm having a heart attack reading this website. Why hasn't this been more public?? Is this new???

So, readers, educate me. Or better yet, educate yourselves. Take a look at the OECD website. They focused on the right things?



  1. Wow. This has to be one of the best kept secrets of the city. I heard about the OECD and the block grants, but I didn't know they were so accessible. Thanks for finding this website. Seems like they went all out to make it look professional and inviting. This is just the kind of outreach Lynn needs to do. Who knew?

  2. Jamie Marsh has always been willing to listen. He actually reached out to me when I was making a big deal out of the Downtown Sign Ordinance, and that was before he became head of Economic Development.

  3. it's been there. how i found Jamie Marsh :)

  4. oops..meant to say Community instead of Economic.

  5. 1 more. look at the drawings from the hired planners- a bit funny.

    they get paid to analyze what we already know, and they have either given little solution or a hack 1.

    i love sasaki's dwgs for elaborating how we need to further investigate the lynnway for contamination, yet they spread over the area with residential. hackers. 3rd sucky job i've seen from them.

  6. You bring up a great point, Katerina. I would hate to see Lynn repeat on the waterfront the same mistakes that they made with Lynn Classical. But something tells me that it's entirely possible. Someone with your perspective (wink, wink, nudge, nudge) should be on the citizen's advisory council. I saw something about it on the OECD website, but nothing to indicate how one gets appointed to it.

  7. 7 members appointed by the Mayor. I wIll contact the Mayor's office on Monday to get more details and find out who is on the council now and how often they talk to them.


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