Thursday, January 14, 2010

Should We Move On???

Ok, perhaps...

But first... just an observation. On page A4 of today's item you will find another unsigned editorial (is Clancy on staff?) which displays a disregard for the usefulness of archived public records. If they follow this "delete everything" method at the Item, that could very well explain why their editorial office is wrong so often. No one is saying they want to do a review of 8 years of Clancy's inbox, but you would think the past year of even 90 days would be of use.  You would think it would be in the best interest of our city to have that information at the ready. You would think the Lynn newspaper would be behind that.  You would be wrong on that last point.

At my company, if someone were to take over someone else's position, there would be a smooth transition and that would include sharing of important email threads.  I don't have an issue with the fact that he deleted things from 7 years ago. I have an issue with him deleting ongoing issues facing our city that now the Mayor has no knowledge of and can't defend the city's position. That clearly takes the advantage away from the Mayor's office and gives it to whoever wants to "claim" they had a certain agreement / conversation with the city. It opens us up for all kinds of wasted time figuring out what is going on.

I think the Item is right on one thing. We have pressing things to deal with right away in the City of Lynn. It's a shame that it has been made all that much harder to deal with them by the childish actions of a boy named Chip.

I'm Moving on....  (although I'm still hoping for a state led investigation into that creep)



  1. how does the saying go when a pebble hits the water?
    waves will spread.

    hopefully everyone is aware of the issue and resend their communications to the mayor.

    i finally have made an appointment today, after resending another email

  2. Yeah, I hope you're right.

    So, do you still have that appt. with Jamie or is it with someone else now?

    I still have no idea who is left in City Hall and who is gone.

  3. Wouldn't it have been nice for the new Chief of Staff to be able to know to reach out to you. I'm sure there are others who just feel they are being ignored and give up.

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  6. The funniest comment left on the item by a reader -

    'c'mon ppl, I can believe there was nothing in those cabinets - he did nothing all these years.'

    Tag-Your-it! (haha)

  7. For the sake of arguement & city dollars...

    IF we follow his own statement as- TRUE
    ~The cabinets were empty

    Then he must of done no work to show.

    THEN could we argue
    ~to revoke his pay as former mayor, because he did no work?

  8. I do agree that there are more important issues in the city that need to be dealt with, but we need to deal with them on sound footing and with transparency.

    I'm not sure moving on as if nothing ever happened is going to help the city. I think we need to air all our dirty laundry out, and then we're done and can move on with a clean slate. Otherwise, there will always be suspicion.

    Having the truth is more important than protecting a few individuals, Clancy or his staff, who may or may not be guilty...who should be treated as innocent until proven guilty, anyway.

    Trust at City Hall has to be built from the foundation up.

    Also, this mess has reinforced the North Shore's reputation for corruption and as a haven for everything shady. We know that it exists everywhere in the state, but we're held up as a shining example. We're like the New Jersey of Massachusetts! (I can say that as a former NJ resident)

    Personally, I wouldn't want to lift a rug in this City, with all the dirt that might have been swept under them over the years. And if that has in fact been the practice, we need to face that awful habit head on. I hope that Mayor Kennedy can help us repair our image.

  9. restoring computer data is the closest to the truth to find.

    if there was paper work, it's camp fire. real secrets are not kept on paper.

    follow his friends. in politics, they like to keep their heads turned

  10. I hope everyone noticed the part of the article where Clancy requested from our new Mayor, all records from her time as City Councilor citing public records law.

    Clancy the Crippler - his aim is now to send Lynn down a slow spiral to failure with baseless requests.

    By the way, she is providing it!!! :-) LOL Clancy, you suck!


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