Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tag... You're it!!!

Mayor Kennedy. It's your turn. Strike back hard.

Chip got back to the people of lynn today in a letter dated Jan 11th according to the item. Http://

His letter practically begs the city of Lynn to begin the investigation into wrongdoing. He asks the mayor to produce a list of missing files. What clever lawyer wrote that sentence?

So, I say bring it. I would like to understand what public property is missing.


P.S. Chip, here's a copy of Massachusetts Public Records Law. It seems you haven't read this. Beth, could you print this out and have your husband read this?

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  1. The article in today's Item has even more detail.

    Mayor Clancy claims they delete emails all the time because they have no storage space. I still assert that this is highly illegal. Isn't this what Menino got in trouble for? You can't just get rid of this stuff.

    My company purges their servers as well but we always have the last 90 days on file.

    Evil personified. Thank god we got him out of that building.

  2. By the way, isn't it refreshing to have a Mayor who provides comments to the Item.

  3. on the other hand, I wouldn't want to see more energy and tax dollars wasted.

    In my own ignorance, I think
    it's probably for the better. So we can do things right from the start.


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