Thursday, January 7, 2010

There's a new rotary on 1A!!!!!

Have you guys met Katerina...  Lynn, MA -  City Planner? opps, I mean City of Lynn Concepts blogger. 

She has put a rotary on 1A to filter more traffic into Downtown. Well not yet, but take a look at this on City of Lynn Concepts and let her know your thoughts.

Let's Go to Lynn!!!


  1. wow! Corey & Seth-thanks for your post & comments!

    There were 54 unique visitors, with 116 page loads to various posts in one day!!!
    People are interested in reading about good planning, but don't usually comment. I get this all the time when speaking with others.

    People like to listen. its just odd when I want to be the one listening! :)

  2. Post something about residency or men jumping off trains. lol Then they'll comment.

    Yesterday had 186 unique visitors. Almost 300 visits. drove about a 50% increase in my usual traffic.

    Thank you Adam!!



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