Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Two Gloves Up!

I'm so excited that Corey has allowed me to guest blog about my experience this evening at the Combat Punch Out class at East Coast Karate & Aerobics. The upshot: GO!

The skinny: Your first fitness class there is free and they will loan you light boxing gloves for that initial session. It's then $10 per class or $75 per month for unlimited classes. They sell gloves for $20. They are eager to welcome new people to their facility! The atmosphere is positive, fun and very friendly.

The details: My friend Lesley and I attended the Combat Punch Out class this evening, which takes place Mondays and Wednesdays 7-8 pm and Saturdays 9-10 am. This class was pretty full--maybe 12 to 14 folks?--so it was great to have the group atmosphere yet it definitely did not feel overcrowded.

A unique combo of boxing, boot camp, and Tae Bo, Master Lou Hopkins created this workout. He runs the class himself and he's AWESOME. He's super motivating and really pushes you, but is accommodating if you have a bad back, sore shoulder, etc. He's also a lot of fun. His favorite phrase to shout throughout the class, even during the cool down, was "We're just getting started!" Love it.

I was psyched that everyone got their own big punching bag; these are suspended from a neat rafter system that Master Hopkins devised, allowing the bags to easily slide around to accommodate more or less people. You can choose from a lighter or a heavier bag. Per the East Coast Karate & Aerobics website, no two Combat Punch Out classes are the same. As we were told when we walked in, this class is for both beginners and seasoned athletes; it's very challenging but you are certainly able to go at the pace you need.

My favorite part of the class, by far, was the punching. Master Hopkins made sure to help us newbies get our punch on using correct form (elbows down, protect the chin, turn your fist as you would turn a screwdriver when you punch the bag. Got it!). Also loved the isolated movements (my arms and quads were shhhhhaking!), the unique push-ups, and the knee raises for which he approached each person and had us each knee-raise as as quickly and as high as we could, with everyone else cheering us on. Talk about motivating!

His staff was so efficient in providing each student with the tools needed throughout the class--medicine balls, perfect push-up paddles, and so on. We never had to take a few minutes out of the class to retrieve the items and then put them away ourselves. Very impressive.

To give you a sense of the difficulty, I consider myself a moderate worker-outer, and was able to participate in probably 80% of the entire class. (Definitely had to sit out a number of crazy push-ups and plank position isolations!) But I was really pleased with how I did and look forward to challenging myself to improve my fitness level with each class.

It is now almost an hour post-session, and Lesley and I just checked in with each other via text. She's popping the Ibuprofin and I'm not far behind. Already feeling sore in familiar muscles and muscles that I've probably never worked out before in my life. Tomorrow might be tough in the walking and moving around department. Our verdict: We can't wait for the next class!!!

We will also be trying the center's Cardio Combo class this Sunday at 9am. Hope to see you there and I'll plan to blog about that one, too.

Yours in fitness (and--let's keep it real--yours in french toast and extra-light/extra-sugar coffee at the Capitol Diner on Sundays),

Sarah "Rocky Balboa" Jackson


  1. That is so awesome! Master Lou is a great addition to the central square community. Sounds like a total community building experience. Thanks for sharing this!!!!

  2. Amazing, challenging and motivating. I won't lie. I was kind of banking on the T's unreliability as an out, but as I type this comment 4 hours post "boot camp" I am SO happy Sarah and I went. Mrs. Jackson summed it up quite nicely (and accurately!). I'm hoping more of our neighbors take advantage of this fantasic workout!! Btw, the ibuprofen really helped!


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