Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Don't forget to vote today. I don't care who you vote for, just vote! This is a very important election and we should all have a say in the outcome. Please do your research. Don't listen to the lies in the ads. Make up your own mind, based on the issues important to you.

If you don't where to go to vote, check here:


  1. So some thoughts on yesterdays election. First off to all the Dems crying and complaining that Scott Brown is going to kill healthcare and Ted Kennedy's legacy is dead... that's what you get for taking the election for granted. Brown outworked Coakley, ran a better campaign and ultimately won the election. But to all the Republicans out there saying this is an agenda on Obama and how the balance of power is shifting back to the right... let's be fair. Martha Coakley was a terrible candidate, I mean just God awful ! She ran a horrible campaign, had no personality and insulted the very voters she was trying to win over. Let's not read too much into this. A well trained chimp with a good campaign manager could have beaten Martha Coakley. Remember that the Dems still have a HUGE majority in Congress and hopefully now they will realize that maybe their healthcare bill that they tried to push through with pay offs and back room deals should be scrapped and reworked from the beginning. I'm no Scott Brown fan, but in this case, the better candidate did win.


  2. I'm just happy the commercials are over.

    Now we can get back to the business of Lynn.


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