Sunday, February 7, 2010

Art is Alive in Lynn!

We got the privilege of taking in the recent art opening at Lynn Arts. The Little Gallery Under the Stairs was a strong pull for us. The quality and presentation in that gallery is exceptional. We were pleasantly surprised by many of the other artists on display upstairs in both of the other galleries, but what TLGUTS is doing must be commended. I hope you will all take the time to check out the most recent survey of artists who are also mothers.

On February 27th, they will be showing this film. Check out this site about the film for more information

I had noticed these from outside the other day. Very interesting visual experience.



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  2. It's a great show. We found ourselves back at the LynnArts complex that evening for a live show with a bunch of comics on tour from NYC. It was a homecoming for Sean Lynch..the audience was mostly people who knew him and it wasn't promoted much up until last minute.


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