Friday, February 26, 2010

Crighton is our man!!!

Three cheers for Brendan Crighton. We must recognize our leaders when they listen to us and do the right thing by us.  The Item reported this over the course of two days, even though both events happened on Tuesday night. Thanks once again to I now have the right timeline, not the one that the Item made me believe occured.

In the ordinance hearing, Council Cyr, Lozzi, Cahill, and Capano watched as NO ONE got up to speak in favor of the nuisance ordinance. Anyone in opposition? YES!!! Several City agencies and people within the community speak to why the language is too vague and broad to be taken seriously. The councilors then joined hands and ignored everyone. To add insult to injury, Cyr attached an emergency to it. Mr. Crighton stood up and asked to be heard. He asked that the committee reconsider attaching emergency to this so that there could be more time to take the public and city agency response into account. The committee then voted to attach the emergency, anyway.

Luckily, Brendan had one more chance during the actual council session and suceeded in getting this thing tabled. This is our Ward councilor working for us. Voice and representative of the people. I just hope this thing stays tabled. We don't need to put more people on the streets, unless they were blue uniforms.


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  1. He is a good political leader, and a young smart nice man. Nice to know we have him.


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