Sunday, February 21, 2010

Hawthorne's Sign is Falling Down, Falling Down.... oh wait, It's Gone!

I noticed recently that the sign from Hawthorne's Restaurant has been taken down. It looked like some of it was ready to fall down and hurt somebody. I don't think I'm alone when I say the Athanas family should be ashamed of themselves for not being a part of the revitalization efforts downtown. A primo seafood option in Downtown Lynn would be a great new option for dining out.  They really should consider coming back to their roots and doing something with that place.

If they are not going to do anything, then I wish they would sell it. That place first opened it's doors in 1937 and became an overnight success. We're on a new wave. It's time to relive 1937, with or without the Athanas family.

Descendants of Anthony?  Are you out there??? Do you care? What the hell? We're getting impatient.



  1. Lively conversation about this on the Former Lynners Facebook page.!/pages/Lynn-MA/Former-Lynners/129079334882?v=feed&story_fbid=319883414882

  2. To hell with them, they can get away with higher prices in Swampscott so they won't bother coming back to Lynn.

  3. Lee, their Swampscott location is stale and un-inspired. I don't eat fish, but what I had there two summers ago was disgusting, and my seafood eating family wasn't very impressed, either. It felt like the dining hall of an old-folks home.

    If that's how they run a restaurant, it's just as well they don't re-open where they are. I just wish they'd let someone else do something with the property.


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