Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Lynn Takes Away Christmas!

I'm practicing for becoming a real Lynn Item reporter someday with that headline. How did I do? It's similar to recent headlines victimizing sweet Bernice Brooks in the Mayor's office. "Mayoral Aide at Center of Storm" (The Daily Item 2/1/2010). This is an article about the fact that the city under previous leadership harassed the hell out of Mrs. Brooks. Nothing beats my personal favorite headline, however. "Lynn candidate in center of stabbing" (The Daily Item 10/31/2009) This was possibly the most irresponsible piece of crap headlining that I've ever seen and ruined our chance of having at least ONE speck of diversity on the council on Inauguration Day.

But I digress... It's easy to do when I get going on the Item.

My point is...... they took away the Christmas Tree. A good start. Now, what do I have to say on this blog in order to get the wreaths taken down. Also, I should probably mention that they left a white cone where the tree used to be. While the dogs of Central Square are going to have fun with that thing, I really hope it's not there to stay till next Christmas. I fear I am wrong.

I apologize for being so quiet lately. This is not even a great post. My show, The Boys Next Door, opens at Reading High School on Friday the 5th. After this weekend, your faithful blogger shall return to a more active state.

I have so much I want to talk to you about too! I met with Don Walker at OECD. I've had a brief exchange with Jamie Marsh about Lynn Auditorium. I've got some great ideas for the next two restaurants that must open in Downtown Lynn, but it all must wait for now.  I need sleep.

Call Lynn City Hall and tell them to kill the rest of Christmas in Central Square. While they're at it, they may want to take the Christmas lights off the tree on the common right outside City Hall. I noticed that one tonight. I'm surprised they took down the manger.

Be back next week with lots more!


  1. the power of the Blog !

    the wreaths and the cone are both gone today !

  2. Shouldn't get too full of ourselves. :-) I'm sure it was in the 2-day Christmas Excavation Plan.


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