Sunday, February 28, 2010

March - Make it the Month to Come See Us Downtown!

  If you haven't come Downtown yet, make this month the month. Have dinner at The Blue Ox (if you are one of the very few who haven't yet), Pho Lynn, Tatiana's or Le Fe. Grab a lunch at Fernando's on Munroe. Stop by Turbine Wine Bar for a drink before or after dinner. Donate stuff to the Salvation Army. Check out what's going on at The Little Gallery Under the Stairs or Lynn Art's other galleries. Visit the Lynn Museum (something even I have yet to do). Come have a great breakfast at Capitol Diner or Brother's Deli. Check out the 2nd and 3rd floors at Zimman's. Volunteer at RAW, Girls Inc., or the YMCA.

There's a whole lot going on down here. Make March the month to visit Downtown Lynn.



  1. The calendar keeps growing for March. I just added a Lynn Museum Live Music and Beer Tasting event to the calendar. Thursday the 11th from 7 - 10. Of course, I only know what people tell me - so send your events in!

    I hope you don't mind that little plug, Corey :) But it's true that there's a spike in activities.

  2. There is spike in activities ... thanks to all of YOU! :)

  3. I've had three incredibly high traffic days in a row. I think we might want to thank Phil :)

    even received a few press releases today.


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