Thursday, February 25, 2010

Ouelly Bully!

I wonder if all of Daily Item's potential advertisers receive personal phone calls from the General Manager, Phil Ouellette. About a week ago, I requested a rate sheet from the Daily Item of Lynn, the finest paper in the land (is that better Phil?). The rate sheet was incredibly confusing, mostly due to my never having done this before. Too many options and no real way to understand how to come up with the price.  This could possibly be by design as they apparently don't want new advertisers, but I'll get to that later.

So, I sent a question back to the advertising department and received no response. They were probably trying to figure out the rate sheet too (That was a joke Phil...).  Sorry readers, I'm trying to teach Phil about the use of humor, so stick with me as we work through this for him.

Instead of receiving an answer from the advertising department, I got a personal e-mail from the General Manager of the Daily Item of Lynn, Phil Ouelette. He asked me to call him and as I knew right away what I was in for, I called immediately. It was really fun and a dialogue I wish you all could have enjoyed right here on this blog. I think most of you agree with me and I would think Phil would be more concerned with learning why. He sounds like a very nice guy, but he apparently forgot that I'm a paying customer/subscriber and had a very odd way of selling advertising in his paper. He kept telling me I need to figure out why I want to advertise in his paper. I thought that was obvious, but I guess he doesn't get it.  He doesn't like that I call him a hack paper. He doesn't like that I asked you all to smack them in the face while exploring Exchange Street. He didn't read my article on Item Santa and he didn't read my article on Henry Collin's editorial. Selective reading, which explains the election coverage a little (Off-color humor, Phil. This can be hard to understand at first).

Bottom line... He doesn't like the way I treat the paper on this blog, so he kindly asked me think about why I want to advertise in his paper and ended the call. He wasn't very helpful about the rate sheet. He didn't seem to want to talk about that at all. I asked him to write a letter to the editor of the Daily Item about the mean bloggers, but he said he wasn't interested in that.  Seems to me... a better use of his time would be a review of the election coverage as compared to ad revenue from the candidates. Actually, what is a General Manager supposed to be doing during the day? I looked this up on the Newspaper Association of America website:

Newspaper Careers in Management: General Manager

Position Summary
  • Oversees the overall management of operations, technology, advertising, circulation, production, and business office activities.
  • Responsible to a large degree for the profit and loss operations of the paper.
Essential Skills
  • Must possess strong people skills, including the ability to motivate personnel to work together toward common goals.
  • Effective verbal and written communication skills.
  • Keen knowledge of marketing and sales.
  • Ability to work, prioritize, and track successfully in a fast-paced environment and under deadlines.

Strong people skills..... Responsible for profit? Hmmm.... Nothing here about embracing free speech or being responsible to subscribers, advertisers, and the community.

Pretty good display of denying a real dialogue in this town. I wish when my customers at my 9-5 called or voiced complaints on twitter, facebook, blogs we could call them and ask them "Why do you want to use our products?" and then hang up on them, but alas... that's no way to run a business (There is no joke in this paragraph, Phil.)

Phil wanted you all to know about all the good the Item is doing for the city. I told him he should advertise that more. Poor thing... he's probably still trying to figure out his rate sheet (and that Phil.... was a joke).



  1. You go! I love how you are tipping the scales and exercise your right to free speak and opinion!! GO COREY!!

  2. hmm... it's funny they read your blog in the first place... on a positive note.

    Let me get this straight, they do not want you to advertise with them so the paper wouldn't refer to writings which have opinions about them? And they took you seriously?

    see- I find you very humorous and still have respect for the Item. You are a true Lynn Boy.. lol. you make me proud! Keep the humor and the trueness coming!

  3. make them understand.

    1. you have a link to their website from yours

    2. the more you talk about them, the more readers you attract to their publishings. doesn't mean that everyone is going to agree with one person, but you are helping increase their ratings.

  4. while you're at it, can you get them to take down their xmas wreath since it's almost march and all?

  5. I did point out to him on the phone that I talk about their $10 online subscription all the time. I obviously read his paper.

    He really wasn't listening. I guess I hurt his ego.

    The more I think about this, the more I understand that they just don't get it.

    Maybe, they think I have some "prank" to quote the universal hub commenter (Phil?) up my sleeve. I told Phil I wanted to publish my URL. That's it!

    I'm over it. Finding other ways to get publicity and Phil is surely helping. :-)

    Thank you Universal Hub for the write up!!! Numbers were through the roof last night.


  6. yes. there are plenty of ways..

    i might get a magnetic stick-on for the side of the car, where it doesn't ruin the paint.

  7. Despite all your efforts, I doubt that Phil gets it. Maybe he will someday. I don't know why you waste your money on that online subscription. The free edition provides much good entertainment. Yes, they are a valuable community resource, but seem to be stuck in the old "yellow journalism" days. Can't say that I would unqualifiedly believe a word of what they print. It's a good thing Seth records those council meetings. Somedays I think they're trying to be the New York Post.

    Continue to fight the good fight.

  8. Charlene,
    Wreath is gone. It wasn't the storm that did it, either. It was still hanging proud on Friday. This morning, I had a meeting over at TLGUTs and I looked across the street. The wreath is gone. They listened to you, right here on You'd think they'd want to promote this blog given they run their facilities department with it.


  9. I am the owner of this shack. Remove the photo or I will sue you. My retarded brother lives in that shack! I take pride in it's appearance.

  10. Anon... I think you're on the wrong blog! This is a post about the General Manager of the Lynn Item and there are no pictures. Also, please don't use that word. Special Olympics has a campaign to stop the r-word. Check out their site at

  11. Not only did anon post on the wrong blog, but it is not illegal to photograph any private property when standing on a public sidewalk, street, or other public way. One can stand on the street and photograph any house they want.

  12. Anon..
    not only did you post on the wrong blog, with the wrong word, and wrong legal reference,
    but do you think you might be living in the wrong city?

    I think you actually like it here, if you come around to read the blogs. :)


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