Monday, February 15, 2010

Progress Spotted at Turbine Wine Bar!

The decorative "t" was removed from the window yesterday, which scared me at first, but then we walked by last night on our way to a phenomenal dinner at The Blue Ox. On the way there, we noticed that Turbine had new shades installed on the windows so you can't really sneak a peek anymore. :-) A good sign obviously, as why would you install new shades if you weren't going to open.

On our way back from the Blue Ox, the owner had lifted the shades a tad. It's as if he wanted me to write this blog post. Inside we saw an amazing interior. The bar is all the way in the back of the room and looks complete or near complete now. There is furniture in there for the first time. Steel bar stools that look really cool. It got me thinking, what a neat concept for Lynn, MA, home of the first jet engine.

There was one guy inside working his ass off. I assume that was Stephen Hanley, owner. I'm told he's a perfectionist in every way and that we're going to see that insane quality in everything Turbine does. I'm really excited for this place.

This is going to be a special place folks! I decided against taking a picture with my phone as I think this should be revealed if and when Stephen wants it revealed. I imagine ... that will be when you all walk through the door for the first time.

I hope it's soon!!!



  1. Glad to hear it! Been looking forward to the opening.

  2. i saw what looking like cups being delivered the other night. i hope it will be open on sundays.


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