Tuesday, February 23, 2010

This Saturday is the Time to Check Out TLGUTS at LynnArts

Have you been to LynnArts on Exchange Street? .... What's wrong with you?

I never was much of an art person before I met my wife. She turned my on to Dali and ..... well Dali. But when I experienced Dali (we went to the museum he built himself in Figures, Spain),  I learned how to enjoy art as an extreme form of creative expression. This guy clearly was trying to communicate something.  Coming from a theatre background, I've always needed something to move and speak to entertain me. What I've learned, only recently, is it's not about the art moving, it's about how the art moves me.

TLGUTS has a very moving display generated from the hearts and minds of moms. The exhibit is entitled "Mothers Who Create II." The II is because this is the second exhibit on this theme. Mothers are the definition of creation, so it's especially moving to walk through this gallery and get a glimpse of their expression on that theme.

This weekend, the gallery will be featuring two films. Here's the time line from the tlguts website:

Event Time Line:
1:30 Doors Open
2:00 C.M. Judge introduces her project, FEMLink and one of the featured films, Fragility . Q & A to follow
3:15 - 3:45 intermission - grab some snacks and last shot at our art raffle!
3:45 Pamela T. Boll's Who Does She Think She Is, introduced by TLGUTS Gallery Director, Jocelyn Almy-Testa, group discussion to follow
5:00 - gallery opens for guests to see the current exhibition, VOICES: Mothers Who Create

Check it out! It's only $15 for two tickets to both movies. Grab a friend, and head on down to LynnArts on this Saturday. You won't be dissapointed. 
For more on the films, check out tlguts website.


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