Saturday, February 13, 2010

Thoughts on the Council Meeting from 2/9

Thanks again to Seth and for providing the recording of the City Council meeting.

There were several items pertaining to our wonderful Downtown and the continuation of its' revitalization.  A few public hearings were tabled for 3 Mt. Vernon (Car Detail Shop) and 3-11 Mt. Vernon (coffee and convenience store). Not sure why this stuff keeps getting tabled, but I'm sure there is good reason. I've been hearing about this car detail shop for a while now and I'm actually kind of excited about it. I'd rather not go to HMA in Salem if I can get it done right here while I am home at 7 Central.

The council moved on to several public hearings on National Grid installs of PVC. The representative National Grid sent to this meeting was incoherent and a bit scattered. He even almost forgot to stand in favor for one of his motions. Given that's the quality of rep they send to council, it's no surprise our city and our businesses continue to have significant issues with National Grid. No competition, means no quality - so we really shouldn't be surprised here.    The owner and CEO of Traditional Breads was there to voice his concerns over repeated outages at his location. This place provides bread to places like Legal Seafood. They have a 24/7 operation and National Grid is screwing them and their customers on a repeated basis.  The councilors put stipulations on all the hearings for National Grid installs. We now need to be notified via mail if we are an abutter that may experience an outage. Hopefully they'll figure out a way to fine National Grid for failure to do so.

The Lynn Harbor Line relocation seems to be off to a running start after being on virtual pause for the past year. They have all their permits except one from the Department of Conservation which apparently needs to approve the crossing over the Lynnway. I'm not sure why that is? They seem to get in the way of urban progress more than is useful. While I'm all for turtles and birds, let's hopefully get the cross over a street approved since it doesn't harm a single thing.  Looks like work will start in earnest on or before April 1st and should last about 6 months. Onward to the great Lynn Waterfront we've all been hearing about.

They moved on to committee reports. I missed which committee voted on this one, but it's cool. If you are a city worker deployed overseas, we pay the difference between your city salary and your military salary.

For New business, Bank of America needs to clean up their mess in Lynn. Several bank owned properties need to be destroyed. It's costing us a lot of money, time and effort keeping up with the blight. ISD needs to get involved here if they are not already.

Dan Cahill needs to chill out. His awkward responses to Tim Phelan when he gets the go ahead on new business is crony-ness at it's worst. Be a professional, Cahill.

He backtracked on his wish to sell the abandoned vehicle lot on the Lynnway, saying he was just looking for some cash for the city to do some other infrastructure improvements. He says that the real issue is we need to combine some public services around Parking and Traffic into one commission and blah blah blah. So, I'm not sure what is going on, but seems to be a lot of political banter here. It will be interesting to see how it all plays out and who benefits in the end.

Alex Rivera was horrified at the Boston Herald article which concluded that the city has not helped them at all to find a new home. He wanted to apologize through his councilor for the Herald's comments. That is not what they should have taken away and he is very grateful for all the council and the city has done in trying to help.

It was voted that Lynn will not seek a meals tax in this economic climate. At a time when we're trying to bring forward more restaurants and business to Lynn, it just doesn't make sense.

Lots of good stuff..... but, don't take my word for it... Go watch for yourself on


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