Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Dito's Corner Store

So, I'm kind of jealous. As my  readers know, I've had trouble getting a tiny ad into the Lynn Item for this blog. (This post is not going to get me any closer to that end, but that's ok with me.) Dito's Corner Store puts a few pieces of paper in their windows and they get the front page above the fold.  For those of you who have not read the paper today, The Lynn Item posted a story called  "Signs of Discontent."  I'm not even sure what that means.  Maybe they are trying to summon thoughts of Shakespeare? Anyway, The point of the article was that Tim Phelan's brother's Vincent and Michael Phelan's new tenant, Dito's Corner Store (deep breath...)  had handmade signs in their windows, which is against the city sign ordinance.  Maybe I should try hanging signs in my windows (or, better yet, in my brother's tenant's windows...) and see if I get a story out of it. Does ISD have jurisdiction over what I hang on the inside of my windows? They so perfectly face the Lynn Item offices. It could be a lot of fun. Honey, if you're reading this, I'm just kidding! Sort of ....

Anyway, back to my point. If you read the article, you can see it's clearly someone out to make a point to Tim Phelan. The only problem is, that instead of causing any problems for our Council Prez (that's our professional newspaper's nickname, not mine), it was mostly a distraction for Dito and his business. City Hall, not on their own merit, but on seeing the Item article, was down to the corner of Washington and Broad first thing this morning. They even circled the building three times to make sure the business owner didn't put the signs back up. Come on? .... Really people?

After reading this article, I knew I had to go patronize Dito's store after work. It's nice and clean, very open, and he has great plans for beautifying it both internally and externally as soon as he gets his feet off the ground. His parents are from the Dominican Republic. He grew up in New York and is settling in to this new business because he loves talking to people and thinks Lynn is a beautiful city. He's right....and we need more business owners like him that are going to take us to the next level. For the time being, this market is clean, dust free, and has products on the shelf that haven't reached their expiration. Time will tell if it stays that way. I am convinced that that is his intent. We need to support people like this. At the very least, we need to interview them before posting an article this detrimental to the success of their venture. Read the post on local blog, Livinginlynn for more on this frustration.

You all should support Dito and his new corner store. He's a great guy and he has the right ideas and the right location to stick around for a long time.

They offer free delivery for orders over $20 to folks in the Senior building across the way on Washington Street near the Sand Bar and the big mill building which is on the other corner of Washington and Broad.

Welcome to Downtown Lynn, Dito!!



  1. My first comment went "poof" for some reason when I submitted it. Anyway, it's clear that there's selective enforcement with stores like Pablanos getting away with computer print-out signs for..over a year now?

    Poor Dito can't even hang paper for a few days without ISD literally driving circles around him because of the Item and who his landlord is? It's unfair, and it's going to build an unhealthy mistrust between business and the City.

  2. I was telling my wife about this story as we were driving through Lynn and to illustrate what he had up in his windows, all I had to do was point at any other store we were driving by. "See that...that's against the sign ordinance." This too shall pass. Item was the Item and the city over-reacted.

  3. I was excited to see this this space occupied! I am glad he has great plans for the future. Being a native New Yorker, nice to see a fellow New Yorker coming to the center of Lynn, adding their outgoing personality to the community!!

  4. I went there today just to get the paper, seems like a great place. I can see myself going there a lot!

  5. Thanks Brian. Mike B in my building also went down to Dito's as a result of this post.

    This is exactly what is going to make our downtown work!

    Don't forget to tell them sent ya!



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