Monday, March 15, 2010

GE Lands Big Contract

Should mean good things for our friends and family working hard at River Works.

"$326 million boost to a previously awarded fixed-price contract, exercising an option to purchase 80 F-414-GE-400 engines and modules, as well as 2 spare engines for the U.S. Navy."



  1. wish they'ld hire more Lynn people 1st. it's hard to get a job there, even with the right degree

  2. Amen to that. I wonder if this will lead to more jobs? I know it will make my uncle more secure in his and that's better then nothing in this economy.

  3. Engineering of course you need advance degrees and the proper education. People from all over work there. Lots even commute from NH and Maine! Non union.
    From what I am told the factory is mostly unskilled and it is "who you know". Friends of friends. Unions.

  4. i know someone from lynn who interviewed for the same position as someone from a 2 hour town away. they both had the same degree.
    they both didn't know anyone. and the kid from Sharon was wanted for the job.

  5. i see you linked another news site, instead of the item this time. lol
    they deserve it


    Found this article. Says 49% of the work is coming to Lynn.


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