Thursday, March 18, 2010

Horizon's Edge Casino Cruise is run by Aliens

So, I don't know if you've ever been on this boat out of Lynn but it's quite the experience. Just about the smokiest casino you've ever been inside. Horrifyingly bad music on the top deck while everyone is sitting there falling asleep while we head back to shore at the end of the night.  Top it all off with some very scary and very drunk folks wanting to pick fights in the parking lot and then those same people drive drunkenly home. On the flip side, being able to cruise out of Lynn is a highlight. I wish we had better options similar to the Spirit of Boston or something like that. I hope with the new waterfront, we draw in some of that potential. The sign has been painted over in black and I know they had tax issues a while back so I'm not sure you will get the pleasure of casino cruising out of Lynn this year.

I check Google blogs and twitter for "Lynn, MA" fairly regularly. Usually the stuff that comes up is home sales and random bloggers. This one though was quite the find.  You might want to read it and then come back to get the full comedic effect.

So, no wonder they weren't paying their taxes. Also, when they were trying to get them to pay up, no one could find the boat. It wasn't in either port it's known to dock in. Obviously it was back up at it's home planet.  This blogger has explained everything.

So, let the conspiracy theories begin. Perhaps the whole waterfront project is a brainwashing exercise by the aliens to get us to give them more land. Maybe our councilors are part of the alien empire and that's why they're trying to move all those cars out of the abandoned lot. Would this be one of those feather things? (For more on feathers, please read my post on Your Council President).

Just in case any of my readers are actually in to this kind of stuff, I'm just joking. Unfortunately, I have to say that these days, or I seem to get people mad at me (right, Phil?).  Oh my god. I just thought of something. Maybe the Alien's are running the Item. Maybe Phil is just trying to exclude my blog from being able to advertise in his paper because he thinks I might expose the Alien's Waterfront project. It's all becoming so clear now.

Ok, I need to stop. I just wanted to share that link. For the record, I'm very excited about the Waterfront potential even if it is run by aliens. I don't care, as long as it increases our property values.

Thought I'd throw in a little humor for my return readers. I really do appreciate you all. Readership is growing by leaps and bounds lately. Yesterday 100 unique people stopped by and most of you came back the same day. That's a lot of eyeballs everyday.  Keep reading and more importantly, start talking! I want to know what you think.



  1. oh right! I forgot to add the aliens carry us free in my post. lol
    there was a blimp a couple years ago that came over northern Lynn shaped as a green ufo. that was great.

    actually, i have seen the real phenomenon of the green glow before in the water. from what I believe to be was animal photophosferous (sp?) cells. and seen these tiny twinklers on the beach at night too, on a summer's day in August. At 16, I thought it was soo strange i called the police to report it, thinking it was chemical waste (haha). Then I thought, they must of thought I was strange. There was a group of us walking along the water's edge when we noticed our footprints were glowing green. we compressed our hands down into the sands, and then raised them to see our hands glowing green. Looking closer at the waves, they had a green twinkle to them too. I've seen this phenomenon on the nature channel once and had the research at my fingertips once, but it's too late to remember the spelling? maybe this is what i saw? it was amazing.





    Report June 5, 1965; Lynn/Nahant, MA. UFOs over GE facility

  6. the boat was seized in Florida.
    I don't think there will be casino cruises this year

  7. they (I mean the aliens) were getting away with underground gambling on shore. bookies (I mean aliens) were calling the bets in to the boat.

    the aliens are out of a job looking for work.

  8. Yeah, I figured. Good riddance. I'm looking forward to a real harbor with options for the majority of us.

    Buzzy's a pretty big Lynn nickname to be throwing around. Are you THE Buzzy? :-)

  9. The boat was never siezed, and has been sitting in Boston Harbor for 2 years with a great big "For Sale" sign.

  10. I did work for them and they went back to the mother planet and claimed chapter 7 without paying me my 3 grand they owed me.

  11. I've been fan for casino cruise before but I was a bit discouraged since I cannot even win no matter how I tried in playing. I guess my best was not good enough that's why I have to quit. lol!

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