Thursday, March 25, 2010

I'll have a double espresso chai latte venti black tea mochalade please!

Starbucks in Central Square? Say what?

I heard today someone is really trying to make this happen, somewhere near the Lynn Item building.

This is HUGE!!!! We need to find out who is behind this and get our encouraging support to them. I think Starbucks would do very well down here and there would be an extreme pull of people from Lynn Shore Drive and Broad Street to get a morning Latte Mochachino tall double shot of WHAT WHAT!!!

Bring it on barristas!



  1. I've never had a drop of coffee in my life and I would welcome Starbucks with open arms!

  2. Hello. I'll have a tall, caramel macchiato, soy, no foam, please. Oh, and when fall returns please make that a tall, pumpkin spice, extra pumpkin, soy, no foam. Thanks!

    If you haven't noticed, I'm a FAN of Starbucks (aka The Bucks or Sbux). Come to Central Square Lynn please, please with a double espresso shot on top!?!

  3. OMG...tell me this is true!! This would be sooooo fantastic for DTL. We so need a cafe to think, write, meet, discuss and drink lot of coffee beverages!!!!! I'm sure all us "starbucks" will find our way there to make it successful. FYI...a starbuck is a person that frequents starbucks!!!

  4. And I'm emailing a letter of support even though I don't like Starbucks. :)

    I know having one here will make a lot of people happy and increase foot traffic, which will make it more attractive for other new businesses.

  5. Would you welcome a Burger King, McDonalds (yes we know one went under) or KFC?

  6. there are plenty of BK's and McD's around the area, the closest Starbucks is in Swampscott or Saugus. I'm not really sure what you're trying to ask...

  7. I personally would welcome a Star Bucks or any business to the downtown Lynn area.

    I read these blogs and the views seems to be for the independent small business owner.

    Why now is everyone elated a Star Bucks is coming along? Wouldn't a smaller independent coffee shop be more ideal?

    How secure is this? Is it simply someone scouting out possible locations?

  8. Stacey,
    yeah, I thought of this before i raised my hand to agree.
    I welcome a small coffee shop first over a starbucks,
    but I guess the difference with me why I am ok with it, is because it is a franchise, and there is somewhat personal 'ownership'. and it will help bring in more people into downtown. hopefully

  9. SIGN ME UP! I am all for a SB in the neighborhood!

  10. I've heard that Starbucks does a great deal of research on their potential new stores than any/most chains prior to making a decision. If this is true, it says a lot for the progress that has been made in DTL and future potential.

  11. My management class professor in graduate school said that one of the earmarks of a healthy downtown economy is having a Starbucks there.

    Yes, add me in as a fan of this idea.

  12. I hope they place it across the street next to the Lynn Arts in the space that seems empty. this would help circulation come through broad st into downtown lynn better instead of congesting our ocean

  13. Well the Gulu was sort of an independent place that served coffee and they didn't make it. Although a chain they (Starbucks) are a good one. If you look at any neighborhood that has thrived in the Boston/Cambridge area they have one.

    Having a Starbucks and good restuarants (Ox, Turbine) will make this area more attractive for potential buyers and help improve property values (hopefully). I know we have a D&D but I don't think it'll hurt, especially since the D&D really doesn't have any seating. I think the college students and businesses in the area would support it as well. Bring it on!!

  14. I'm not a huge Starbucks fan -- and would be elated if something like Atomic Cafe opened here (negating my need to drive to Marblehead for a decent cup of coffee).

    That being said, Starbucks is known for doing right by its employees, and in addition to providing DTL with upscale coffee, the jobs it provides are high-caliber (health coverage, stock options, etc. for full-time staff). Seems like a win for everyone involved.

    Who knows...maybe the good, independent coffee shops will follow suit after seeing the results of the Starbucks/Lynn experiment.

  15. Ian, I love Atomic Cafe, but also check out the coffee at Christopher's Cafe and Walnut St. Cafes in Lynn.. good stuff.

    I wish we had Walnut St Cafe in Central Square.. might have to call it something else, though.

  16. hopefully if Starbucks comes, I hope other small coffee shops will make it to DTL too.

    **I hope Starbucks sets an example for Dunks and sweeps their sidewalk everyday.

    years ago I used to love going to Front Street Cafe in Salem.
    they sell fruit drinks to non coffee drinkers. Love the art for sale on the walls, and the sandwiches.

  17. i for one welcome our new coffee long as they are open on sundays.


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