Thursday, March 25, 2010

I've never loved Rye bread as much as I do now!

If I were being a responsible blogger, I would have gone somewhere different for lunch today, but I couldn't resist. I don't take time off from work that often, and I just had to go back to Fernando's on Munroe Street. This time I got the Russian Roast Beef. Incredible! I didn't think I liked Rye bread. I almost changed it, but my gut told me to trust the master of sandwich making, Juan Gonzales.  The combination of everything in this sandwich came together so well and the Rye bread was absolutely the correct choice.

Heads up to all you Downtowners. Juan needs our help. He is planning a few things that are extremely positive for the Downtown area.

1. Block Party. This is going well and he has support from Lynn Arts, looking for some community support and hopefully can get through all the permits at the city. If you're an entertainer, reach out to Juan and get involved in this event.

2. Outdoor seating. This really needs to happen. For some reason the Health Department won't allow him to put them in the parking lot beside the building. Something about "line of sight." Ummm... how do restaurants with roof decks and tables out back get away with it? Selective enforcement yet again? They think there will be a public hearing on this at City Hall in May. I will try and keep my eyes open for that so we can rally around him and help make this happen.

For more on Juan and his restaurant, Fernando's, see my original post on the most fantastic Cuban sandwich in the world! And I can say that.. since I've never had a cuban sandwich before...ummm...oh well. I'm still going to stand by that comment.



  1. I saw your post about Fernandos and went down there the next day, along with a couple orders to go..the sandwiches are great!

  2. Line of sight of what, exactly? There are some strange regulations, perhaps born out of necessity, but no longer necessary. I think there's a long list of regulations to re-write so they make sense for Lynn today.

    I know they have salad there I can eat (no wheat, barley, rye or meat for me), but it's hard to get excited to try salad. I have been spreading the word to those who can eat there and I fully intend to help with the block party.

  3. Of the people eating. I think it's something to look into. Another city ordinance that needs changing.


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