Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lynn Auditorium: Haitian Benefit Concert

I'm looking forward to visiting Lynn Auditorium on Friday night to take in some great local bands. It looks like a lot of different groups will be playing. I think I saw somewhere that a comedian will be performing as well. Should be an interesting night. For $10, you can't go wrong. Great cause and a great way to support the city at the same time. Come downtown a little early so you can check out Blue Ox, Turbine, Tatiana's, Pho Lynn, or a host of other places I've yet to try.  The great part is the night ends at 10PM. That means you get 3 hours (wish it were 4) to come and party with us Downtown at Blue Ox, Tatiana's or Turbine. I will be at the concert. I'll be the guy with the obnoxious camera. Come say hi or smack me in the face or whatever it is you would like to do to me (within reason, Phil!).
I'll probably end the night at Tatiana's to catch Syracuse's slaughter of Vermont if it's on the screens there.  I graduated from Syracuse so I'm a bit excited that they're a No. 1 seed this year. We don't have too much to be proud of in Football any more. I graduated with Donavan McNabb and Marvin Harrison. It's been kind of dismal since then. So, basketball is our only hope.  Fingers crossed.

See you all Friday night at Lynn auditorium!!!


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