Sunday, March 7, 2010

Lynn Woods - Hidden Gem

Someone, to remain unnamed, told me to watch out for needles and wear thick soled shoes. This person could not be further off from the truth. Lynn Woods is a complete treasure. The entire thing is run by Lynn Park Ranger, Dan Small and an army of volunteers. Dan is almost as much of a hidden gem as the park is. He led us through 2 miles of terrain along Birch Pond and up to Cedar Hill for some magnificent views of the Lynn Waterfront and the Boston skyline. 

Along the way he came across an area where a deer had slept the night before.


We were shown several areas where we could come pick blueberries later in the year.  There are also several edible mushrooms in Lynn Woods. You can even head on up there and take some free fire wood home with you.  

There are several of these ponds along the way. This one is home to a yellow-spotted turtle. 


This place is entirely city funded. They need your help. Go to the wine tasting fundraiser on March 13th, but more importantly go up to the woods, walk around, meet Ranger Dan Small, and discover this wonderful treasure of 40 miles of trails, 2200 acres of adventure, right here in Lynn, Massachusetts.

Lynn Woods Reservation - City Website
Friends of Lynn Woods - Website

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  1. It was a great time. Can't wait for the Spring walk, around the corner.


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