Wednesday, March 24, 2010

One Step Closer to Common Cause - Now Where's Our Budget!!!! was forwarded a press release from the office of City Council President, Tim Phelan.  

The minutes for City Council meetings will now be posted on the city's website!!!!!!!

My post on Your Council President was only one week ago! This is phenomenal. Granted, it's a very easy thing to accomplish, but I'm still very impressed with the turn around and the willingness to listen and react.

This is a fantastic step forward for open government and the City of Lynn. There is a placeholder on the council page at

No minutes yet... but we'll give them at least 48 hours to get these posted. Since the release says the minutes are publicly available upon request at city hall, I assume they will be posting all of those previous minutes online as well. Hint, Hint.

I have contacted the Mayor requesting the city budget to be made available to us online. Her office has told me the request has been forwarded to her. I am waiting for a response. More to come!

Kudos to the entire City Council!

Here's the release:



Lynn City Council President Timothy Phelan, on behalf of the entire Council, announced today increased public access to all formal City Council minutes.  "In an effort to keep our Government transparent and open to the public, effective immediately, from this date forward, all official minutes of City Council Meetings will be posted and available on-line on the City Council page of the City of Lynn's web-site at ", Phelan stated. "While the minutes have always been public records, this will make access to them much easier and efficient. In today's busy world many people don't have the time to come to City Hall to make a request for these records. Now people can see what their elected officials are doing from the convenience of their computer."  Last year Phelan created a Twitter account to provide the public additional access to the Council’s public meeting schedule and all Council meetings are currently televised. "Hopefully this information will not only provide the public helpful information but potentially spur ideas and involvement as well" Phelan said.    


  1. I knew he was a good guy ;)
    Thanks to City Hall


    Thanks to you for sharing

  2. Go, City Hall!! This is such a fantastic step. And thanks to YOU for seeking out the information for our collective education and benefit.

  3. Nice the March 9th minutes are up and very detailed. I LOVE IT!!!!!!


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