Monday, March 15, 2010

Review of The Blue Ox from a Cupcake Loving, Web Developer from Boston

Not too much nice to say about our beloved Downtown, but something we need to hear from outsiders and improve upon. She's also not looking hard enough. I do like what she has to say about Matt and his gem of our restaurant. We do love our Blue Ox.  Thanks for visiting Downtown Lynn, Anita. Come back and try out Turbine before heading over for more Clam Chowder at the Ox.


  1. read 2 lines on her blog then lost interest

  2. allrighty then... I did almost not post this, but I thought it was cool others are writing about the Ox.

  3. It interesting to see what others say. It was the truth and the place is bringing back to live a hard area that still needs a lot of work. Pretending it doesn't is ignoring the problem.

  4. I appreciate your repost of my thoughts on The Blue Ox. I actually live in Lynn as well and am new to the blogging scene (so my posts may be boring). My statement about "hole-in-the-wall" eateries was not meant to be negative, I find that these types of establishments have the most authentic food. I was simply saying that The Blue Ox is not like the other places around it, which makes it stand out. Lynn is changing for the better and I plan on writing more about all of the great places to visit.

  5. Anita, I look forward to your reviews of the other ethnic restaurants in Lynn. I am slowly trying them one by one. I love the exotic foods these restaurants have to offer me. Usually the staff in these small restaurants are very friendly, warm, and happy to see me!!

  6. i'm anon #1, and am tired of negative comments about lynn for no reason. not that it was boring, but negativity drags

  7. i live in lynn too and have for the past 3 years. my statements were not negative, and i'm sorry you thought they were.

  8. Anita,
    Keep writing about the good and the bad. It's what we need to do in order to improve our city.

    The area right around The Blue Ox is very nice including the new public garden across the street. If you go further down Oxford you run into a bunch of ugly storefronts, but I think we'll see that come up in short order. A lot is changing in the past few months and I've been downtown for 4 years and in and around downtown lynn since I was born.

    I am bullish! Now, where's my BBQ joint?



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