Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Sandwich to End All Sandwiches - Fernando's Cuban!

23 Munroe Street

Word has been spreading about Fernando's around the streets of Downtown Lynn. The last time I was at Turbine, Downtowner Mike Crounse, tipped me off to Fernando's Cuban sandwich.  Since a picture is worth a thousand words, here you go:

When I saw the plantains, I was so happy. They were so incredibly delicious. Followed one of those with a bite of this sandwich. I would have to say, this is one of the best meals I have ever had.

The Executive Chef, Juan Gonzalez, had me try a piece of Coconut Flan for dessert. WOW! They make this fresh every day. Incredible!

 Juan seems like a great guy. He named the restaurant after his little 5-year old boy, Fernando. How cute is that? Juan has worked all over North/Central/South America including Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, and the United States. In Boston he has worked in restaurants owned by Georgio Armani as well as The Hyatt Regency, Marriott, and Davio's. He's looking to bring some more of what they offer in Boston to Lynn. More outdoor options in the summer months (Tables, umbrellas, oysters, ceviches).

There is beginning talk of block parties on the last Saturday of each summer month spearheaded by Fernando's on Munroe. Stay tuned for more information.

Head to Munroe Street the next time you're near Lynn at lunchtime. Say hi, and tell them sent ya!

Happy Eating!



  1. Thanks for the info. Corey! I was hoping outdoor seating would be coming to DTL soon. Looks like I'll get my wish this summer. This guy sounds amazing. I love that people are coming back to Lynn to share their passions with the City! I can't wait to try that Cuban with the plantains. yum..yum

  2. I think the coconut flan will go perfect with a hot summer day sitting outside on Munroe Street! :-)

    More restaurants should have outdoor options. I wish more restaurants would open in Central Square. Our sidewalks are wide enough or they could use that middle island near the clock.

  3. are the phantom gourmet of Lynn! All restaurant owners, big and small should be very appreciative that you get the word out about their eateries!

  4. I agree with Ms Lucie Leblanc... You are fantastic Corey, Thank you to keep the business up...

  5. Thanks guys.

    I have been thanked a million times by all the business owners I have profiled here. They are all extremely grateful and appreciative.

    Honestly, I have extreme respect for all of them taking a chance on this Downtown. They see the potential that we all saw when we moved into the loft buildings. It's the least we can do to write about them and help get their revenues UP!!!


  6. FYI, Columbia is not a country, it is a motion picture company and a university. Colombia is a country, but it is not in North America, it is in South America. Costa Rica, while technically on the continent of N. America, is in the geographical region known as Central America. :)

    Cheers, great blog!

  7. Thank you. Should have edited myself a bit better. Corrected now! Thanks for the education.


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