Saturday, March 27, 2010

Super Walmart and Lowes coming to Salem on 107

I know you guys like to duke it out on this topic ;). I encourage you to name yourself and not remain anonymous.

Walmart will be expanding. They will be blasting out the entire hill behind Meineke. Lowes will go up behind meineke and next to Walmart. The camp fire camp at the top of the hill will be moved (I hope lowes is paying for that).

Woods, rocks, land gone. Jobs created, more tax revenue for Salem. This good or bad? I really don't have a strong opinion as long as they are not screwing over Camp Fire.


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  1. Are you sure? What are the sources? If so this is great!

  2. I for one will be advocating to conserve public lands. Not only will Lowes take a chunk of land, but the new development underway, is clearing out woods, glaciers and bike trails. We don't need another Lowes, we have home depot, walmart, target, and one way lumber on the *same street*.

    For those who have similar concerns , I encourage you to contact Congressman John Tierney (office in Lynn City Hall) by phone or email (email link) on website here...

    and tell him to enforce the
    established in 2009

    Thanks Corey for bringing it to our attention. I will post something (against it). I lived half my life on the edge of those woods and my parents still live there. I hear cries all the time from residents who live closer to Walmart. And I always worried about the Boys and Girls Camp, and Camp Lions which are right on the edge too.


    the link in the post above was cut off. here is again

  4. I'm concerned about Camp Fire, Camp Lions and the Boys and Girls Camp.

    Camp Fire has been there for 100 years, right? Even if they get good money for their land, where can they purchase new land? I don't think there's much left.

    As for Walmart, I don't actively boycott them but as I've said before, they don't carry anything I want. I've been about a dozen times, and also to super Walmarts, and come out disappointed each time. I also don't find cheaper prices there on the few items I might actually buy.

    Call me a weirdo, but I don't shop like middle America.

    Anyway, so Lowes will be an alternative to Home Despot. No big deal for me, though. I can imagine it's good for those who own homes or several properties. But, it'll look like a giant box, just like all the other Lowes and giant box stores.. zzzZZZZzzzZZZzz (that's me being put to sleep by the landscapes they create)

  5. I hate sprawl. Can we sustain another store of this type with paying customers or will we be left with a big empty box at the end? A bigger Walmart might be OK, but there's a Home Depot right down the street. I don't think the convenience of having a Lowe's here would offset the environmental and other costs. Let us be smarter about creating jobs, no--not just jobs, but work that is sustainable and gives life meaning.

  6. Where are the bike trails? I love to bike and had no idea they were back there?

    Next time your in NH---Epping NH has a Super Walmart and Lowes together. It helped the local economy there.

    I think of all the jobs that are created. Good jobs. Nothing wrong with working at Lowes or Walmart. Any job done with pride is one well done.

    Hopefully Camp Fire has more money now to buy a new camp.

    We can look at it as "Change" as our buddy in office likes so much! LOL

  7. you can find the trails off the camp grounds or behind walmart, they loop around the pond, and through the power lines. a circle of friends that use the salem bike shop were the ones that protested the residential development a few years ago.

    maybe the walmart in NH didn't already have stores around it before construction.
    I wonder if it will slow down home depot and one way lumber taking them slowly under, creating job shifts? and slow down the lowes on 114?

    i just wish they would consider building on existing lots instead of taking away the last wooded areas around. we don't have them like nh. :)

    take care

  8. the easiest way to get to the trails would be to drive down Fays Ave (left at light after Buckanan Bridge).
    1/2 mile down the road on the left you will come up to a clear view of the pond, and an entrance to the trails.

    people walk, bike and 4 wheel there too. there not supposed to 4 wheel and get caught easy cause of the sounds :) many kids party late night on those trails too. they're harmless. lol
    the pond is Peabody's drinking water too. its a pretty view

  9. speaking of landscapes, this may be of interest...

    The Historical Commission identifies, evaluates, and protects the historical resources of the town. And that means not just an old house, but old anything —cemeteries, bridges, culverts, roads, even viewscapes. Like the view from the top of the hills looking over Spring Pond and the woods!

  10. Salem, MA website actually keeps a fairly good log of City Council agendas and minutes. I will let you know when I hear about this coming up. Maybe we need to get out there and take some "before" pictures so when we get the "After" ones we can better appreciate what we gained and lost.


  11. this just in... Public meeting in Salem april 1st, with attached agenda.

    the sound of Wetlands conservation overlay for lowes and walmart.. is not a good thing.

  12. there are already plenty of minimum wage jobs around. we are not missing out on any more minimum wage opportunities.

  13. As we now know, Camp Fire is getting screwed over. There will be no camp.

  14. It was in the news a few weeks ago. And Crowley confirmed it in an email.

    You have to excuse the Item for confusing Camp Lion and Camp Fire at times in this article. :D


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