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Tax Cuts for Lynn Residents Who Don't Work for Lynn

Fine!!! If you want residency, I want a tax cut. ;-p

One of the points I hear over and over again on the pro-residency side is: We pay taxes to the city of Lynn, so the jobs should go to us.

What??? Does that really make any sense? If it does, then I want a tax cut for not taking any of my money back.  For those of you taking me seriously, stop. Seriously Phil, cut it out.

Speaking of Phil  --- According to the Lynn Item, our Mayor has a meeting on April 22nd with 6 individuals who allegedly do not live here, but work here. The city charter mandates that you move here within 6 months of taking any city job. School workers are exempt from this. Why?

Now, the poor Mayor is stuck on this one. She has to uphold the city charter, and I actually hope she does...... BUT, I hope this meeting is the start of uncovering to the public why the city charter is WRONG and is hurting the City of Lynn from drawing on a larger talent pool for certain open city positions.  I want it clear that I am not saying that any of our current city workers are not working out (a lot of them are doing amazing work for this city).  I'm simply convinced that as new positions open up and/or are created, we could bring in some experience from the outside and get some new ideas and we'd be very happy with the results.

This Just In: Outsiders Taking Chance on Downtown Revitalization and Opening Shop

EXTRA EXTRA: Swampscott resident proud and dedicated member of East Lynn Community Association

Breaking News: Several young professionals are moving to Lynn lofts from STILL overpriced Boston, Watertown, Cambridge, and Somerville

Several People who live outside of Lynn, love Lynn!

It's a big part of why I moved here. It's a big part of why people who live in Marblehead, Swampscott and Nahant are opening shop here. It's a big part of why a Swampscott resident is still a board member of the ELCA as per Lynn-Side Edition's post yesterday. Why do we believe our city is so horrible.... that if this is lifted ......... there will be a grand exodus? I don't!

I see new people moving in each day. I'm not seeing a lot of traffic the other way. Actually the only person who's left our building recently, was a city employee. I see great homes being built and occupied in the hills of Ward One. I don't see these staying empty even if a few of them do choose to leave. Furthermore, if they do flock out of here, how invested were they in this city to begin with? Why force them to stay? Why make them resent their employer? How is that going to make them do a good job? Hold them accountable for doing a great job for the city. If they are doing a great job, it doesn't matter where they live.

Maybe we should start forcing those of us who live here to also play and shop here. No longer will we allow residents to pay taxes and then not use our parks and stores that they are helping to fund. If we catch any Lynn resident shopping at the North Shore Mall, we'll have to take that Nordstrom bag away and call a meeting with the Mayor.

Oy! We could be making progress, instead we have to constantly meet about the archaic. It's time to bring Lynn to the next level and open her up to outside ideas! Mayor Kennedy, I'm hoping you will be vocal on this one! Educate us! Looking forward to reading some quotes from you on April 22nd.

I know we've entertained this debate on this blog before. I want you to really think about this before just writing the same things down. Also, take the poll on the top right corner. You are completely anonymous. No games please. I'm interested in how you really feel on this.



  1. I think I have some talent, and live in Lynn, but there is no job opening for me. There's no job openings for any of the people who live in Lynn with talent.

    There is a lot of talent here. We don't have to bring it in from somewhere else to fix this city, we just have to put the talent forth, instead of putting forth the the people with financial backgrounds etc.

    I'm happy many move here. Good.

    I will not stop voicing myself to say there is a lot of talent here to not be ignored. which is deeply underseen. We need a city survey of where the talents are. I'm trying to do this with creating a blog of the talented people of Lynn as a start.

    sorry.. just been saying it a lot lately. its the next blog item I have on list to write about after argueing with someone last week which makes me want to say it more.

    this includes all the new talent which also moved into downtown lynn. don't forget the talents in every neighborhood that exists too.

    90,000 people and we can't find what we need? not it. no doors are open.

  2. Lara Goodman is a former Lynner.
    that's different if your a native Lynner. Your heart is where your from.

    Which brings up another big difference I've seen between 'Lynners' and those who are just here to see 'their properties increase'. A Lynner would care about their home city first before assessing property values.

    What do I mean? I'm waiting to get yelled at by someone. and I'll explain myself better to anyone who asks with the question... What type of 'Lynner' are you?

  3. one more... one more.. :o)

    if my husband was ever to drag me out of Lynn, this old saying would be fitting...

    'They can take the girl outta Lynn, but they can't take Lynn outta the girl!'
    - Go Lara! :)

    p.s. Corey- remember when you said they told you 'you make the readers angry'. nah? The way you write stirs conversation (on a positive). I almost can't stand it... lol! :)

  4. Actually a city employee left one of the lofts because the owner of the building broke the lease and raised the rent.

    I'm concerned that Lynn people will get priced out of their own homes, making this a sleeping town for professionals who work in Boston.

  5. Actually the city employee was forced to move out of the lofts downtown after the building owner broke the lease and increased their rent.

    I'm afraid Lynn's own people will eventually be priced out of their own town because it will slowly become a Sleeper town for professionals who work in Boston.

  6. Don't worry about nothingTuesday, March 23, 2010 at 1:47:00 AM EDT

    I find it offensive when someone says we have to bring new talent into this city. Has anyone been given a shot?

    Why do you work outside of Lynn? Is it because there are not enough jobs here for you?

    I can see how snottier towns have open doors for outside residents to work there, because towns like this are usually occupied with millionares who do not have interest in middle income to do civil work. I don't think the middle class could afford to live in those towns if they had a residency rule. Having it in Lynn, gives the middle class here a chance to succeed. We just have to put the right people forward, unfortunately those with talents never run for office. So now we also need to be polititians

  7. Certainly not my intent to offend. I think there is a lot of talent in Lynn. Do you all believe the best person for every job in this city happens to live here? If so, I guess there's little else I can say. I just simply don't believe that.

  8. I think so. For one, one must be absorbed with the daily understanding of the city, especially with its history. How can one understand what goes on, if they do not live it everyday?
    Same goes for outside can they design our city if they don't understand it. They can study it, but will never understand it.
    If one doesn't live in and absorb the city they wish to represent, there is opportunity for bad decision making and also disadvantages being made onto them as well.

    Another example: developers for computer programs have to also be productive users of the program in order to know how it works. They are required to use the program in their daily productive work reporting issues and bugs. One cannot consult or give advise for a program if they do not fully use it.

    Another reason:
    The Global advantage would also be: to be a Green City (or employer), to hire locally helps globally with lessoning the carbon footprints of transportation in traffic, giving opportunity for more walking and biking.... now we just have to make the sidewalks more friendlier as larger trails (my other dream)

    Corey- thanks for questioning things constantly. I sure gives reasons to look at things. i appreciate it.
    Sometimes we are all wrong, or sometimes it helps highlight things we take for granted. In any case, there is a problem which needs a solution. thx!

  9. I don't understand why teachers are not required to live here.
    Police and fire men need to live in the neighborhoods they service. It adds to the community.
    The worse part of the city is the poor schools. Many families refuse to live here simply for that fact and then move when children come of school age. It seems even the home owners with children send their children to private schools.
    Once they fix this problem then Lynn will sell it's self!
    I sadly had to leave once my child became of school age or come up with the funds to fork over 12-15k a year for a private school! Catholic schools aren't an option for all people, and there are a lot of good ones in Lynn that are affordable, which is the option most people use!
    How do you even begin to fix this issue?

  10. Do we want property values to increase? I see a lot of people stating the opposite? I would think we would want that and thus for some city workers, they may choose to live someplace cheaper to get something bigger. Some may want a less urban, more farm like setting. Some people who work for us drive all the way down from NH to Cambridge. Lynn workers don't have that option today. Why do you have to live in Lynn to do a great job as a police officer during your shift? Why do you have to live in Lynn to passionately put out a fire? Why do you have to live in Lynn to landscape or fill potholes with a vengeance for the DPW?

    At my work, we set objectives for the fiscal year and then we meet or exceed them. Doesn't matter where I live. And no.. I am not a consumer of my enterprise software products. I have to do my job, go out to customers, talk to people, read the blogs, twitter streams, etc and react accordingly in order to meet my objectives.

    Cambridge is one of my favorite cities in MA. I work there. I go out in Central Square, Harvard Square, Inman Square, and Kendall Square a lot. I use their public services as a "tourist." I know a lot about this town. If I worked for Cambridge, I would pour my heart in to it.... and I would still live in my beloved Lynn.

    Are we meeting or exceeding our objectives? How do you feel about crime, availability of low-income housing, education, downtown revitalization?

    I can see the point for elected officials. I'm still having trouble on every other job. AGAIN... I'm not looking to replace anyone. That's NOT what this is about. I'm looking to change our approach as we move forward and I hope the Mayor is as well.

    Bottom line... if I think it has a shot, I'll pull papers and work towards getting this on the ballot. I'm not convinced we're ready for it yet and that could be a waste of time.


  11. I see your point on why do those who fill potholes have to be from Lynn. I guess just helping residents find jobs in turn helps the neighborhoods, and helps keep down crime. Which affects helping people pay for housing too.

    I do like your idea of having people come to Lynn for tourism with jobs bringing them here. that is a pro. I wonder if the teachers who live outside the city stay once in a while?

    Lets put your theory to test about studies, and start blogging about a town we don't live in. What would happen?

    {funny thing}...
    speaking of putting out fires.... If anyone's been to Nick's Roast Beef in Beverly, they have pictures on the walls with people holding bumper stickers from all over the world. There are a couple on the wall which were in the Funniest Home Video show. 20 firemen stood around posing for a group photo holding Nick's bumperstickers as the house in the background was on fire. I wonder if the town they took the picture in had a residency rule or wonder if their beef joint was on fire- would they of tried harder? just joking. I think the house was beyond saving when they decided to not hose it???? I'm not a fireman so I can't tell.

  12. I think I figured out why teachers are able to live outside of Lynn.
    The feathers I'm spreading are a bit shovenistic.
    but maybe back then it depended on the bread winners of the household, because it was mostly a women dominated field,
    in a world
    dominated by men.. i mean we still have to think about keeping our last names when we marry.

    well when a Lynn girl marries and her husband is not from Lynn or wants to move out, the girl has to go to.
    I fought to stay here with my own husband and still have to butter up the reasons to stay.

  13. A city is like a pond. Water needs to flow in and out of a pond or it gets stagnant and dies.

    People need to flow in and out of Lynn or the same will happen to us. Lynn has already been allowed to stagnate to a degree and the ill effects are evident everywhere one looks.

    The same is true for City jobs. Fresh people and ideas need to flow in and out of City Hall and outside perspectives are absolutely necessary if we're going to have a turnaround. I'm speaking from what I've observed as a relative newcomer who dove in to the waters of Lynn head first and found them murky.

    This is not to say there aren't qualified fish already in this pond, but they can't do much good in still waters.

  14. give it a few years Seth… you're almost fully drawn into the waters:) I admire how you have a quick respect to sustain the good urban fabric of Lynn.

    i guess being a lynn native i have a lot of heart for seeing the local places and people thrive. as I'm sure everyone wishes.. no doubt.

    there is an advantage to living where you work. and you don't have to leave the pond to get fresh ideas. well you can leave by traveling and studies abroad to have on a resume. I've done it. all it takes is the will to research and apply the ideas going on globally to what you understand is going on locally. You really need both

  15. The lynn schools are a problem. We have a couple that are doing better than others. It surprises me the resources are not being shared to develop the same ideas in every school.

  16. maybe thats what clancy was hiding in the emails? maybe he hired all his friends to work in city hall that did not live in Lynn? ha

  17. the people who left Lynn, would do the city a favor to move back. why give the mass exodus crowd a chance? It would give them an incentive to move back if jobs were here. if jobs were here. sounds nice

  18. After spending nearly 5 hours in the library today researching Lynn's past, I almost understand the Brother/Sister-hood here even more. which might be why we have a few things the way they are.

    I've felt the same thing at the highlands neighborhood meeting. people were asking to be involved in their park project and looking for jobs in it's rebuild.
    on the +++side there is some kind of community bond.

    maybe i'm wrong? and been around the block too much.

    I've also found something else you would love... walking tour maps of downtown lynn in the 80's. will share lata (we need this again)

  19. Another point of view.
    My partner and I were just discussing the pros and cons of this.
    I was pro, making all those employed here to live in the city.
    He suggested this is good for entry level jobs but many educated experienced people simply would not live in Lynn.
    Most of the individuals in this pool would be more apt to live in other communities. Oddly enough he is employed at a large firm in the city and no one in his level of salary/education even lives in the city. For years he was embarrassed to even admit he once lived here!
    Changing that stereotype is tough but could be done.
    Seems like there are pros and cons to both sides of the argument!

  20. cool.
    I don't know about his arguement.. I know a lot of scholastic students who went on to great colleges.
    My neighbors both have a phd in computer science and nuclear physics. (well i could go on and on)

    one of the coca cola scholar finalists were from my school in Lynn... which made the cut out of tens of thousands of students just in Mass alone, and they received a letter of honor from the senator.

    and if there isn't the specific talent we need living in this city.. anyone has the chance to move here 6 months after they are hired. isn't that right? what a fair deal! :)

  21. Other than maybe EDIC, what city jobs require unique talent that can't be found in Lynn? People drive from NH/Lynn to Cambridge because they can't afford to live in Cambridge. Do you know what your loft would cost in Harvard Sq? People that move to Swampscott with young children are obviously avoiding sending their children to Lynn schools. Why talk about changing the residency laws without first improving the schools? - even Ford School does not have great MCAS results and two other local schools were just deemed worst in the state - hardly a motivator to bring in families. Most families want to move to where the schools are good. I have neighbors that would love to be a cop or fireman in Lynn but can't get a job here - why shouldn't they be the first selected when a job does open up?

  22. I still hold my two points.

    Point 1 - If the resume is clearly better, I don't care where you live.

    Fire Department
    Police Department
    Economic Development
    Urban Planning/
    Community Development
    Executive Director of the zillion other agencies in this town

    My list would include every position except those elected to office.

    I don't care where any of them live if they are kicking ass for us. If they live in Lynn, awesome, but I don't care.

    Point 2 - Why force them to stay? If they want to move to someplace cheaper - Everett, NH, etc. Or someplace better including Cambridge, why would we give up their experience and talent if it's been benefiting us to date.

    Why aren't there any jobs for Katerina or others looking for them? Is it because all of the positions are filled with the right talent from the right Lynner?

    I just don't think we're getting what's best for Lynn in all cases.

    I'm probably repeating myself, sorry... I think a lot of us are going to have to agree to disagree on this. Great conversation as always when this topic emerges.

    Be interesting to see what happens on April 22nd.

  23. Corey,
    lots of laughs... questioning the background of current position holders.
    different topic? I don't dare you though. :D

    Historically there's never been a position for my profession in the City of Lynn. But I don't know about that either. An Urban Planning department exists, just missing planners.
    ..not to mean I deserve a spot either. I just have the heart to understand the people, history and research things...with no ego of doing my own thing like... Sasaki
    I dislike them with a Passion!... hell-hole planners

  24. Katerina,

    You said
    "Lets put your theory to test about studies, and start blogging about a town we don't live in. What would happen?"

    How about this guy from Nashua, NH?

    Knows the highlands better then I do!


  25. yeah..
    that's Kyle. he grew up in the Highlands, and is living in NH. He plans on moving back to Lynn after he finishes college. I fill him in sometimes and have offline discussions on the topics of Lynn. He visits here on a regular with his girlfriend, and has great memories of the community the way it was.

    He is a passionate Lynner with a big heart for Lynn!

    Our blogs have inspired him I think to want to move back. great kid. I hope he moves back, cause he could sure help out a lot

  26. so - Who are you unimpressed with holding office, and who do you wish to stay if they want to move out? Or who do you want to come in?

    maybe if house gets cleaned we can the positions with better backgrounds from here, or encourage those who want jobs here to move here. that's not so bad. right?

  27. I don't have names, just like I don't have your name, Anon ;-)

    Katerina makes a good point. We have an urban planning office with no urban planners. Why is that? I think you still have Jamie Walsh as top dog (he's incredible), but you give him the world to go hire from and his passion combined with their skills will be an incredible thing for Lynn.

    I've heard over and over again from police officers who don't want to shop at the same CVS as the guy they had issues with last night.
    Seems unfair and perhaps unsafe to make them live in the same city they work. State law restricts them to live within 15 miles so getting to an emergency would not be a problem and is a bad debate. (and... I'm sure I still didn't squash it)

  28. having a cop car next door helps a neighborhood feel safe.

    if a cop is a cop, how could they be intimidated at any moment? we need them on or off duty to be here for us. they have the freedom to leave but I hope they stay. Lynn cops are the best of any in the North Shore

  29. yeah (me again, cont.)

    cops residing in Lynn are like peace keepers in a sense. can't imagine what it would be like if no one wanted to live here. slum?

    your confusing me with wanted to bring more heads to lynn and then wanting to let them leave. Please help me understand your point better.

  30. I want people to come to Lynn because it's a great City to live in.

    I want the best talent to work for Lynn and I don't care where they live.

    I don't see them as connected in the way a lot of you do.

  31. Lynn has a rep as a shit hole. The only way to change that is to make people who work here--- live here!
    The majority of workers would leave for other communities if there was not a residency requirement.
    Police in Lynn make more than smaller town cops. Police in Lynn help keep the peace even after hours.
    Its going to be a long time before people are priced out of Lynn.
    get them here first!
    It actually adds to neighborhood knowing a "cop" lives next door.

    Cops are not afraid of who they run into at CVS. Esp if they are a cop in Lynn. They could run into the safe person the arrested the night before in Revere or NH?

  32. There are 600 non-profits located in Lynn committed to working for Lynn to take care of the homeless, build new buildings (HUD), reduce crime, assist families - their staff are not required to live in Lynn but I wonder how many of them chose to live here anyway. Consultants are working with EDIC assisting in planning and not required to live here. The teachers don't live in Lynn but the schools are not getting better.

    With all this outside talent, why isn't Lynn improving more? It is the cheapest city to live in (and when our property values go up, Swampscott, Nahant, ect. prices will also go up even more).

    If teachers, social workers, construction workers from outside Lynn aren't making the city better, why will letting the City Hall workers and police live elsewhere improve it? High unemployment and foreclosure rates and failing schools need to be addressed first. Shop where ever you want, but keep the property tax coming in here.

  33. Mary makes an excellent point.
    we have all this outside talent working in Lynn, and things are no better.

    while with respect to non-profits, I think it is an example of why the people who run them should live in Lynn if we want to keep them.

    I know many people who have taken advantage of the system and are lying leachers. The non-profits need to live here to also understand who the leachers are, to not be taken advantage of. and have a better understanding of what is going on.

  34. Corey... perhaps a committee needs to revisit the charter. This happened in our city and surrounding areas. In this day and age of mobility, it is unreasonable for people who work in a city to uproot themselves to live in that city.

  35. mobility always existed, thus the reason for the rules


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