Sunday, March 7, 2010


56 Central Square

There is a casual elegance to Turbine that I've only ever experienced before in Manhattan. When Boston tries to do these things, it ends up being pretentious and you feel awkward going inside. Sometimes I think that may be the intent.  At Turbine, you feel like you are part of something and it's special. It's a different kind of crowd then any other I've seen out in Downtown Lynn. It seems younger and hipper.  It feels like the young professional we all knew was living here was finally given a place to hang out.

Unlike the former tenant, the service at Turbine was instant. We were greeted once we got back towards the bar and were offered seating, tastings, and menus. Since we wanted to try the food, we sat in the high tables in the back of the room. I would probably recommend the short tables in the front for eating but we wanted to be in the action.

Since we had eaten dinner, we ordered a few light options, cheese plate and hummus plate. We were offered 4 cheeses from a list of 7. We ended up with some of the most delicious Fontina cheese I've ever tasted, a fantastic Gorgonzola, and a pretty much as-expected brie and goat cheese. It was exactly the right amounts of everything.  Sarah tried the "naked" Chardonnay and loved it. I had a Pinot Noir which was equally as good.   The hummus came with some tabbouleh and amazing olives on the side. The hummus is made from scratch on the premise and is to die for.  Dessert was deadly. We were full but we couldn't resist. Cannolis filled with an almond ricotta. It was the most amazing thing I've ever put in my mouth. They have a great selection of gelato flavors as well.

People have been raving about the pulled pork biscuits so I'll be trying those on my next stop to Turbine. They have a lot of vegetarian options and a good selection of entrees if you want chicken, beef, or pork. They really came up with a simple menu that can cater to all. This is true of their wine list as well. The beer list is also very strong, but lacks a good IPA. The only thing I miss about Gulu being gone is the Dogfish 60-minute. To make up for that, the owner put a gluten-free beer on the menu when he heard that some residents Downtown have that dietary restriction. How's that for being a part of your community as a business owner?

Thank you Stephen Hanley!!!!

It was great to see folks there from Sloan, Machine Lofts, 7 Central, and others. I finally got to meet the Blogger of all Bloggers in Downtown Lynn, Marcus. He doesn't blog anymore, but when we all first moved here about 4-5 years ago, his blog was the only place to get information about what was going on down here. He's passed the torch on to several new bloggers that were all originally inspired by his actions and his voice. I hope someday, he'll join us again.

Anyway, great night, great connections, great friends, great community, great owner, and....oh yeah.....GREAT WINE!!!!   

Check it out this week. They are open at 5:30 Tuesday-Saturday. They seem to close the kitchen between 9 and 10 depending on how busy it is. The bar tends to stay open until you stop drinking or 1AM, whichever comes first.




  1. Corey, What is the address for this restaurant (and Fernando's)? Those of us who are "new" to Lynn will need GPS help to get there. Both restaurants sound amazing! I love how you have become a food critic!!! Ellen E.

  2. Turbine is at 56 Central Square.

    Fernando's is at 23 Munroe Street.

    I just added those to the posts. Thanks for the question. I'm sure others were wondering.



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