Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Thoughts on Council from 3/9 - Anyone wish to speak in favor?

Thank you to Seth (Current Mayor of Lynn City Hall on Foursquare) and for recording the council meeting and posting online.

This week was fairly uneventful. The council is doing a great job on cleaning up our city, including Councillor Cyr. He gave a shout out to the Neighborhood Development Association who is doing great work all around Lynn in securing property and cleaning up many areas. That's an organization I need to look in to a bit more. They really do seem to be making a big difference.

Relative to Downtown, they set an All Care VNA building on the corner of Market & Broad up for public hearing on 4/13. I'm assuming this is the new buildng that is potentially going up in front of the MBTA garage. I really hope it's going to include some commercial on the first level. Great for NSCC and to pull people off the Lynnway and in to Lynn. If it's just a modern box, it's not going to serve us much better then the ugly garage behind it.

Cahill brought up some big project on the Lynn/Salem line. Wonder what that is? Anyone know?

The Harding Street lot came up again. They voted to stop towing cars there and move all the cars out of there to another lot. Not sure who pays for this? I'm going to assume they are doing the right thing for the sake of the power line project?

In closing, I'd like to write a poem inspired by Lynn City Council. I call it:


Anyone wish to speak in favor
Anyone wishing to speak in favor
Anyone in favor

Seeing no one wishing to speak in favor
Close the public hearing for those wishing to speak in favor

Anyone wish to speak in opposition
Anyone in opposition
Anyone wishing to speak in opposition

Seeing no one wishing to speak in opposition
Close the public hearing for those wishing to speak in opposition

Anyone know what we were going to be talking about today
Noone knew what we were going to be talking about today
Nobody knew
Seeing no one knowing what we were going to be talking about today
Close the public hearing for those not knowing what we were going to be talking about today

Move to adjourn. 



  1. I hope the new building will represent the Greater Lynn area well.
    as many feel, the ugly MBTA garage killed the grand entry into Lynn, we once had off the Lynnway.

  2. Cahill brought up some big project on the Lynn/Salem line. Wonder what that is? Anyone know?

    A few years back before the "great depression phase 2" began there was talk of a Lowes going in! Lowes stopped all new construction on all of its stores when the market crashed!
    I pray that this is back on. I would be in 7th Heaven! Home Depot needs some competition!Plus think of all the jobs created for those out of work....(Or they are going to make Wally mart bigger?) I think its the Lowes though....

  3. I wonder what it is. I don't think it's a commercial venture on the Lynn side of the Lynn, at least I hope it stays on the salem end, cause this will ruin the quiet neighborhood homes up there.

    Maybe it's just another street lighting project?

  4. It's something bigger then Lighting. Cahill is concerned enough to make Salem liable to let us know when ALL public hearing will be held. This is big.

  5. I wonder if it's Salem's residential sprawl. They were planning to take down the forests behind Walmart, right up to the pond to construct Big houses. This started construction a couple years ago by the road at Tri-city Sales.
    I wonder if they are reaching Lynn now, digging deeper into the woods?

    If it's another commercial store... I remember when Walmart took over Rich's. The traffic problems increased by Buchanan Bridge and Eastern Ave (too bad we can't have this problem in downtown lynn. (I saw the change as I lived around there at the time).

    Thanks for posting. If I can go to the hearing, I will try to go.

    This part of East Lynn used to be farm land, and a picnic spot for most. It's dissapointing what urban sprawl (& some bad polititians) have made such a loss of nature.

  6. There is a lot of vacant land right on the Lynn/Salem Line, before Walmart.
    Some camp or something is there.

    There is already so much traffic on Highland Ave I doubt this will add to it.

    If they build houses that would be great too. More people to pay taxes.
    The only issue in a lot of these developments the houses in Lynn sell for less, no matter how nice they are. Families love them but need to figure in the cost for private schools as well into the cost of moving to Lynn.

    If you want country move to the country.

    The more sprawl, jobs and economy we can add to get this country back on its feet the better.

    Viva la Lowes or whatever project they have planned!

  7. Katerina --get over yourself. Other people have other views, and opinions. You don't have to agree with them. (I wonder what comments were deleted?)
    Truthfully I am more concerned about people having jobs to put food on the table.
    Cities have people and businesses in order to suceed. Corporations although we may always agree with how they do business are what makes the world go round. Its called free enterprise!
    have a drink and relax!

  8. Good to hear both sides on this. Just for the record, comments are deleted by the commenter. I've never deleted anything on this site and I hope I never have to.

    On this topic, I'm more of a capitalism and jobs guy myself. While I am very happy we have Lynn Woods and the beach, I'm also looking for a lot more to be built up around here.

    The topic within this post is what Salem is doing to their land. We're all speculating at this point. Dan Cahill asked that Lynn sends Salem a letter asking that the city of Lynn be notified for all public hearings on this project. Stay tuned for more.

    If anyone knows Cahill, maybe they can get more information out of him.

    Anon, the camp is the Camp Fire Organization. I spent many summer weeks at Camp Fire Camp. It's an amazing organization for young boys and girls and is celebrating their 100th year on March 25th at the Hawthorne Hotel in Salem, MA. I don't think that is going anywhere. They might be getting neighbors though :-)


  9. "Lynn is a healthy city" --????

    Seriously? Lynn's got an 11.3% unemployment rate. There's a lot of empty buildings downtown. Property values are worse than in the toilet...

    I doubt too many Lynners #1 concern is picnic areas...? It's jobs and the economy. Rather than poke at those we disagree with why not look for win-win solutions?

    We're all better off when developments are done intelligently - for example, level mass merchandise mart on the lynnway and build a Lowes!

    Relocate Ballys salem and build a Lowes in the combined ballys, CVS, and KB toy storefronts!

    Get off the environmental high horse - let GE sell the west lynn plant (on Western Ave) and turn it into a lowes. Seriously, the enviro-nazis are out of control - if the land under that place is contaminated, how in the world does leaving it a parking lot help anyone???

    Lets take harbor auto by eminent domain, pave it over, and build a lowes. An oceanfront junkyard is just plain stupid!!! Ocean front hardware store... now yer talkin!

    Walmart doesn't kill mom and pop stores. It's the local patrons that no longer shop at the stores. I have a place near a true value hardware store on the cape, and I would SO rather go to home depot. I don't want to spend $25 on a $3.00 hammer.

    It would be so cool to have a Lowes closer than danvers/saugus... and it would be a boost to the local economy.

    Rather than take the somewhat predictable lib stance against business, why not go with the flow in a pragmatic way. If we breathe new life into existing infrastructure, doesn't everyone win? Lets encourage Salem to allow putting a single big store next to Shaws or level the old building 19. Don't forget the first thing one should do is not recycle, its reuse!

    Viva La Lowes!

  10. fyi, for anyone interested..check out Lynn's EDIC. They help offer loans to people who wish to start up their own business.

    I'll giving it a rest tonight.

    night.. Brian, Anon & Corey.


  11. I'll see major Outlets & private boutiques on Union Street again. this will do downtown more than good.

    (any new structure could build underground parking too)

  12. It would be cool to get some "anchor" stores back in Downtown. I don't really see that many empty storefronts anymore. Willow Labs is doing a lot with the Union street spaces near Central Square. Most of the storefronts are occupied on our streets around here now.

    There are a lot of one-off storefronts owned by Mayo on Broad, Central, and Exchange that are empty, but that's not enough space for anything serious. Seriously, do to people at Mayo ever walk around Lynn and get embarrassed at their disgusting empty spaces?

    Furthermore, moving in to some of these spaces is cost prohibitive due to the years of decay, mold, etc.

    I want to see a Lowe's and a Super Walmart, but I would prefer them to be on the Lynnway, not in Salem's woods.

    In any case, I will keep you all informed as the details emerge.


  13. esPeople have different view points.

    Dreaming is awesome. We are not going to see in our life times a lot of what is being talked about on these blogs. And thats OK.

    People can't put food on the table for their families and pay to keep roofs over their heads. I care much more about people getting back to work.

    I am scared to see the way things are headed with more and more dependency on the government.

    There are always going to be "rich" and "worker bees". Its how society has operated from the day it started. The nice thing about the country we live in is you can cross into a better life with hard work and education.
    Maybe you come here legally or illegally...immigrants have been doing it for generations.

    Union Street is busy, just not with snotty shops selling 30.00 candles.

  14. i don't ever remember a snotty candle store in downtown lynn. Is there one now? There used to be inexpensive clothes outlets. There isn't a whole lot for everyone. I wish to see this grow again.

    Corey- I agree to put something on an existing lot. (i'll cringe at wally on my own. anything i bought from them in the past year fell apart)

  15. Some people shop at Walmart because they cannot afford anything else. They want lower prices because it matters. I never would of bought things there a few years back but after loosing hundreds of thousands of dollars in the market/equity I changed my ways. They actually have nice things.

    Check out Price Rite on the Lynnway too.

    Walmart feeds lots of people in the world. The stuff they make in foreign lands provides people with jobs so they don't starve. While the conditions they may work in are bad, it still puts food on the table. Many parts of the world this is sad reality. We're not going to change it anytime soon.

    Union Street is busy. The people who frequent the stores are people who live in the community.
    While it has it's problems there is a good Family Dollar and Noodle House. There is also a new gym.

  16. Dang all those deleted comments. What are you writing there?

  17. I heard bad news today that Lowes is planning on building there. Another place to boycott for taking precious land

  18. the thing that kills me is that we already have a home depot down the street from this point.

  19. I do wonder when there will finally be too many Lowes and too many Home Depots. They'll go through the cycle of many stores - like the rise and fall of Woolworth's. Remember when they were everywhere?

    I'm just a little surprised that we're not already at the saturation point. Do we really need a Lowes that much closer? There's one on 114, one on RT 1.. and we're practically hemmed in by Home Depot's near every entrance to Lynn. We really need more?

    They all carry the same things. They all look the same. Bleh. But I love their hours. Small stores close too early, so guess who gets my business?

    On Wallmart - never have I walked into such a large store that had absolutely nothing I wanted. And in some categories of products, I can find them for less in other brick and mortar stores..especially electronics.

  20. Lowes and Home Depot are very different. Same concept, but different items at both stores.
    This totally made my day. Danvers and Rt 1 is too far to go. They are close together in other parts of the country and even our own South Shore and thrive!

    I am also happy with all the jobs this will bring back! Lots of tradesmen are out of work and this could help them out!

    (and you can use lowes coupons at home depot and vica versa!)

  21. Lowes and Home Depot are very different. Same concept, but different items at both stores.
    This totally made my day. Danvers and Rt 1 is too far to go. They are close together in other parts of the country and even our own South Shore and thrive!

    I am also happy with all the jobs this will bring back! Lots of tradesmen are out of work and this could help them out!

    (and you can use lowes coupons at home depot and vica versa!)

  22. Stacey,
    It makes no sense to me what you say. You sound very materialistic.
    jobs is a funny word. i'ld rather see the smaller lumber yards like One Way lumber survive on the same city line. wouldn't you rather see a lot of jobs created by owning your own business, rather than being a slave to one for a lower rate?

  23. Your joking? How is being happy a Lowes is opening up be materialistic?
    Most small businesses cannot compete with pricing, hours, return policies and sales. If they could I would shop there. The other Lumber Yard you mention I used before Home Depot went in years ago. Limited hours, inferior inventory and the projects they did for me were of a poor level of craftsmanship. Smaller companies also tend to pay employees less and offer poor benefits.
    What doesn't make sense that a large employer is opening up to provides services and jobs to a community? Whether its a Lowes or a Walmart Warehouse it's employment and industry in a time needed.


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