Thursday, March 25, 2010

Thoughts on the Council Meeting from 3/23

City Hall was busy Tuesday night with it's regular agenda of Committee hearings and the full Council session. One of the committee's struck our attention this week as they were going to potentially set down an amended ordinance for public hearing dealing with home occupations. A lot of us Downtowner's have businesses of some kind or another that occur within the lofts and have no impact on our neighbors. The proposed ordinance was taking some older vague language and making the home business of one employee, no client visits, and no sales from the property a lot easier, while making a home business with 3 employees impossible. I believe the ordinance makes a lot of sense for those in the more suburban areas of Lynn. I think it makes zero sense Downtown. I hope they will consider the downtown area as an exception and have number of employees and client visits as a condition of the permit with numerical restrictions that make sense for the building and home office in question.

The council once again did the right thing. This was tabled in order for the councilors to get a bit more feedback before setting down for public hearing.

The ordinance committee also discussed a new ordinance that has been led by Dan Cahill. This is phenomenal work by Cahill, Girl's Inc, and the Lynn Area Chamber of Commerce and my hats off to all involved. There will be a public hearing on April 13th for this ordinance that will prohibit the sale of drug paraphernalia within our Lynn stores. That's right... you poor business owners won't be able to sell blunt wrappers and rosebud glass tubes. Your kind of business is definitely not a part of our vision for Lynn. So if that's how you've been staying open, along with whatever else is in your back room, good riddance. I just hope the Lynn PD and ISD is able to enforce this for real.

Wow. That's a lot of great stuff that happened before the actual Council session even started. Council was just as good. I'm feeling kind of dirty praising these guys so much today, but hey, everyone has a good day and they deserve it today.

No Communications
No Public Hearings
No Public Hearings to Set Down (The ordinance hearing above will be a hearing in committee, it will not be heard at council. You can attend all committee meetings and their times and locations will be posted on by Friday night)

When we got to New Business, Councilor Cyr and Councilor Trahant both got vocal on asking Swampscott and Aggregate Industries to do the right thing and help out the Lynn neighbors who were so badly effected by water damage that Swampscott and Aggregate could have prevented. Be interesting to see how this plays out. It doesn't sound like a declaration of war YET, but we'll see how Swampscott responds. I hope they do the right thing and come through with some support for these Lynn residents effected by their ignorance in not dealing with this known problem with Foster's Dam.

Great meeting. Great focus on doing what's right for the citizen's of Lynn.

Ended with some random questions about the abandoned car lot on the Lynnway. Still not sure what to make of that. Time will tell what they do with that valuable land. I still don't want to see Lynn sell that piece of the puzzle until we have a few more ducks in a row on the Waterfront.

Minutes should be posted on Lynn's website within a few days I hope. THe minutes from the previous meeting on March 9th are already up.

April 13th will be a busy session. Lots of public hearings. Be sure to attend! It's gonna be a blast!!! :-)

VNA All Care building is on the schedule. This building has no commercial storefronts in it's plan and thus will add to our non-existent foot traffic at night as well as provide downtowners with no additional value. It also is a prime pull location from NSCC and the Lynnway and having no commercial on the bottom floors is an extreme mistake. Whether or not it can be filled now is irrelevant. If we believe in the future of our Downtown, this prime location should not be wasted! I've reached out to VNA All Care for comment, but have not heard back.



  1. yeah. I'm glad the VNA building is on the schedule. I made the same comment on the Lynn Item for ground level storefronts to be made mandatory.
    I think the ones in the garage don't work because the buiding is simply cold and ugly and need some kind of warm feely look to attact renters. i've wished for awnings, and more.

    and what about the needles they sell in pharmacies. They are suppose to be sold to people with diabetes and other medical problems... but some of the people have drug addictions and buy them to distribute to their friends. on the pro-side at least the users are using clean needles instead of used possibly infected ones.

    i wish i didn't know stories from both sides of the track.

  2. I don't think the ordinance restricts needles. I don't see that mentioned. You can request the full text from city hall. They worked with a lot of agencies on this ordinance.

  3. I will not support any new face on the entrance to downtown that does not include storefronts. I am of the opinion that given the little added value to us otherwise, we can afford to wait for a more forward thinking developer.

  4. This ordinance is a welcome piece of legislature. I just detest drugs and the way they ruin lives, for users and their loved ones. Also, the negative energy this sort of commerce brings to Lynn destroys the quality of life for Lynn's citizens. Thank God, those given the power and privilege to govern Lynn are taking action to rid Lynn of this destructive drug culture. Amen!!

  5. rolling paper: cherry cigars, cigars

    they cut and fill to make blunts as joints

    It's Richdales #1 selling item (that's the store clerk told me)


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