Sunday, March 28, 2010

All Care VNA Building Downtown

All Care VNA currently has two locations in Lynn, MA. Above the Century Bank on Market and somewhere near City Hall. They are a non-profit home health care organization that is diligently serving our community in many services including during recovery from an illness or injury, end-of life care, in-home care, and social activities. I am very supportive of their cause and I wish them the best of success in the future.

Now on to why I Care about All Care!!!

On April 13th, there will be a public hearing about their new space. I've written to the media email address and they've apparently ignored me. If they weren't such a caring org with better things to do then answer me, I'd be a little more upset. (I mean come on, even the General Manager of the Daily Item found time to email me back. I wish Phil ran All Care VNA, someone I actually WANT to talk to.)

I'm hoping this isn't just the beginning of All Care VNA's response for Downtown Lynn's other residents.

The reason this concerns me is that their new space has little utility or benefit to the new Downtown Lynn. One potentially great side effect is it will cover up the hideous MBTA garage, but that is hardly forward thinking.

It has zero plans for bottom floor commercial use. This is a new building coming into Downtown which will be empty at night and produce little foot traffic ever.  It will have no compelling pull from the nearby Lynnway or even Broad Street traffic.

My only hope is they NOT put a cafeteria inside so that the employees never come out to support our lunchtime establishments. My second hope is that it match the brick color and architectural design to something historic Lynn and/or be a compelling modern design. I hear it will be in line with the Lynn Museum including a black iron fence around the exterior to keep us OUT! :-)

It will create an alley of sorts where the MBTA buses will be in and out throughout the day. At night, the city has assured us, this alley won't be crime ridden.  The city also hopes it will cause more commercial to open in the spaces under the MBTA garage. I'm not sure why that would happen now that a box is in front of it, but I guess time will tell.....

April 13th - City Council. I'm told there will be presentations to show the design and usage of the space in detail. I hope you are all in person at City Hall to see it for yourself and then decide whether you will be in favor or in opposition and be heard! I will be there!



  1. Wait a minute, they want to put it on the lot of land that is in front of the garage if you're coming into downtown Lynn from the ocean area - Market Street? Where the statue is?

  2. thanks Corey. I will try to be there.

    how did downtown lynn turn into the Medical District. I mean all the social service facilities on Union street and beyond should be on the second floor levels instead...if they really care about this community. (next blog item).

    great point you make.. if they really care about this community. perfect

  3. Seriously,and I say this with complete compassion for the fact that the organization does necessary work, when is the grant going to be written for an urban planner? Katerina, we need you. You CANNOT have a building at the gateway of a city that already has problems with it's evening reputation, marked by a building that will be dark at night. In this day and age, leaving the lights on to avoid this situation would be irresponsible. I truly can't believe this has even come up for discussion with all of the other plans to make the city more attractive for commerce and residency. I'll be there.

  4. thanks:) It would my honor to serve the mother land.
    and it would cost less than the useless drawings we've paid outside consultants to just study Lynn.

    I hope I am polite enough, while not restraining thoughts at the meeting too.

  5. An email will go out to all Downtown Lynn Neighborhood Association members to attend this meeting and to voice their views, whatever they may be.

    My own views are very much in line with Corey's. The building should either fit in with the historic character of DTL convincingly, not in a cartoonish way, or, stand out as something uniquely modern.

    If it looks like it belongs in an office park, I'll be a bit disappointed.

    I'm not happy about the iron fence, either. It could be the most attractive fence around, but it's still a fence. I don't want that to be the message we send to people passing by on the Lynnway.

    It must not be set too far back. Buildings in an urban center should be up to the sidewalk, for easy access to ground floor retail.

    I can not support a structure without retail.

    The area may be a little slow right now, with empty storefronts unfilled, but we have to build for the future - not the present. Ten years from now, we'll regret not having storefronts in our gateway building.

    LynnHappens will also cover the hearing via online video posted within 48hrs. The camera is unbiased. If you can not make the hearing, you will be able to view it without the filter of print media at your own leisure.

  6. 8:00pm council meeting

    not to be confused with 6:30pm
    urban planning meeting?

  7. Anon,

    I'll try to find out. I'll be disappointed if it's a 6:30. Lots of my neighbors are just getting back from work, then.

  8. Just heard from Councilor Brendan Crighton. He says his understanding is that it will be before the full council at 8pm, not in a committee prior.

  9. That's correct, Seth.

    The agendas for all committee meetings and the full council will be posted on the Friday before, so we'll know for sure what is on the docket for each meeting.


  10. Jocelyn,
    Yes. Corner of Market and Broad, right in front of where the buses pickup/ drop off and next to the statue.

  11. Corey,
    The orange subscribe buttons for posts and comments on your main page gets cut off, and can't subscribe.

  12. It work for me anon. I just added it to my Google homepage. Can you be more specific. Are you using Firefox or IE?

  13. windows and mac.
    safari, firefox and ie for both.

    it gets cut off, and can't see full list when clicking on buttons. just google reader.

    the buttons are on the right column at the very end.
    maybe they get cut off cause it is at end???

  14. try it now. I moved it up above archives.


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