Thursday, April 15, 2010

All Care VNA Site Plan Review

Just got off the phone with Tim Phelan, Your Council President.  Not sure he's mine, but he has one more chance to prove me wrong. This site plan review will come before the ISD. If the ISD is not happy with the design, they could send a letter to the council stating as such. It will then be up to the council to do something about it. I'm hopeful it won't come to that decision point. We all as citizens and residents of Downtown Lynn need to remain engaged in this process. As one resident said at Council, this is our backyard. As many said, this is our Welcome Sign. Both those metaphors should mean something to all of you.  I am hopeful that the architects and Shawn Potter will look to projects like Ashmont Station as opposed to projects from the 70s like NSCC or Eastern Bank.

Take a look at this great use of land sold by the MBTA in Dorchester:

So, somewhere down the line, the Inspectional Services Division led by Mike Donovan at City Hall will have to perform a site plan review. This will include aesthetics and building design. They can make recommendations to All Care VNA on the design. If All Care VNA, does not follow these recommendations, the council can decide to "take action."  I'm not sure what leg the council has to stand on at this point, but I suppose they could cry foul if Shawn tries to go against his word and put a BOX there.

The City Council Office was ale to provide me with a list of who is involved in this site plan review:

  • ISD
  • Public Works
  • Community Development
  • EDIC
  • Water and Sewer Commission
  • Lynn Police
  • Lynn Fire
  • Any other Department or Board determined by the Planning Department to have an interest in the proposed project 

I wonder if they've ever invited a Neighborhood Association to the table. Now that would give us a sign from the city that we are in this thing together.

Looking forward to seeing this all unfold. If we see another drawing/rendering like the one we saw at the neighborhood meeting we will have to get loud.   I've been told we're too nice.  If we get pushed around on this one, it will be time to get mean. 



  1. Have they made the architecture of the building available to the public yet? Also, have they hinted at the possibility of having it be mixed use with the possibility of some shops on the ground level? With the commuter station right there I'd think it would be silly for them to not toy with the idea of ground-level retail in such a high pedestrian traffic area.

  2. lol, it was definitely toyed with, and rejected.

  3. I've heard people make this statement or something similar 1000 times "have they hinted at the possibility of having it be mixed use with the possibility of some shops on the ground level" (no offense In the Lee of High Rock) this statement and the assumption that retail space at this building would be good. Lets think about this for a second (and probably the most important point) where would people park? You wouldn't be able to park in front of the property because people use that lane to take a right onto Market Street, nobody in their right mind would park in the garage and walk 5 minutes to go to a store . I think the building should stay as is, it will produce more foot traffic for local businesses and that's sufficient in itself. Again, just my opinion.

  4. The original plan had parking along Broad Street, diagonally in towards the building. They threw out all the good ideas, and gave the gateway to the retail corridor this building. There are plenty of spaces along Market and along the first stretch of Union.


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