Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fences: Protector of Grass or a Slightly Different Purpose?

While bottom floor retail is the major issue with All Care VNA's plan, a lot has been made out of this fence that somehow got added into the design by our city planner. Oh wait, we don't have a city planner.... Now, doesn't that explain a few things..... ;-)  

I walked around the grounds of the Lynn Museum and along the edge of North Shore Community College.  The fences definitely kept me from going where the owners didn't want me to go, but it seems to me there should be a person or two on the green area near NSCC. God forbid, a community grassy area where we could picnic or play catch. While I suppose the Museum's gates and barriers are fine to protect the museum,  I wonder if we really want more of this look around our office buildings downtown?  Come up with your own captions:

This last one is my favorite. Maybe we should take a cue from this and enclose all of our Welcome to Lynn, MA signs with a rod iron fence. I think this is just the thing we need to improve our image. 



  1. All you guys do is bitch. About everything. People stop listening after a while. I am sorry you were duped into buying in downtown Lynn.
    If you want green space take a walk to Red Rock Park or the Commons, or NSCC.
    A city planner would be ideal but there are so many other pressing issues right now.
    Have you seen all the empty retail space and offices they cannot give away in downtown Lynn? There's lots of it in Cambridge and Boston too!

  2. Well anon, I guess you're still listening! Partly, because Corey wasn't asking for green space in this post.

    You have to fight the small battles if you want to win the big ones. It's a lesson learned when Rudy Giuliani was mayor of NYC, (before he went off the deep end for some reason.)

    Removing a fence, putting lids on trash cans, repairing store fronts and making them look more attractive, all add up to the bigger picture and the bigger problems you speak to.

    Even the schools will benefit from improvements made on the neighborhood level as the community becomes more attractive to new businesses, new taxes.

    And the statement that all we do is "Bitch" is inaccurate. We also provide ideas and possible solutions.

  3. I think if you read more of the blog, you will see that that we do more the bitch. Granted, we are a bitchy bunch sometimes.

    I agree with you on green space. I want the building (with first floor commercial). The empty storefronts are largely due to the buildings being too expensive to clean up and/or renovate. Some of those probably need to be demolished and built back up as well.

    So do you have an opinion on fences?

    And you are wrong about people not listening. The blogs have never seen larger readership and the city seems more engaged then ever with all of the residents downtown.

    I'm seeing less and less empty space every month in Downtown Lynn. Come take a look some time, Anon!


  4. and the open green space would help the processional walk to the ocean side too

  5. anon,
    they are smart they bought into downtown.

    i'm just wondering when all the gloomy old lynners who put down the city- will leave!

  6. Anon is now talking to himself :-)

    You can put in fake names by clicking the Name/URL. Still anonymous, but at least you'll have an identity as you comment more then once on here.

    That would help keeping track of the dialogue.


  7. If Anon is right about trying to fill empty spaces,
    then it makes more sense for new developers to buy or fill in old buildings first before creating new ones.

  8. Walked the length of Market street today after our walk around the common. I didn't notice an empty storefront problem on Market.

  9. I believe this move consolidates All Care VNA to one space leave a vacant 2 floor building right across the street from City Hall and the 2nd floor of the Century Bank at the corner of Market and Oxford.

  10. From what I remember when I worked at NSCC (years ago) that fence wasn't there. To tell you the truth, I don't even remember the grassy part being there either.


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