Sunday, April 4, 2010

Have a Happy Easter!

It was such a beautiful day on Friday, I had a few windows open and mostly I had been listening to the sounds of the street, the occasional loud radio or friends screaming at each other. The sounds of Lynn. Friday at around 12 noon, I heard an angry mob. They were shouting "Crucificale!!" I looked out the window and I saw floods of people. I grabbed my camera and ran downstairs.  What I saw was the annual re-enactment of the events of Good Friday.  It was pretty impressive and there were hundreds of people. They got my attention and instead of grabbing a few pictures in Central Square and heading back inside, I found myself following the crowd.  As a Jewish man, I found it incredibly thought-provoking. It sort of reminded me of the refrain in Jesus Christ Superstar, "If you'd come today..." It was very moving. Whether it's about JC, easter eggs, or chocolate for you, Have a Happy Easter!


  1. I wish I saw this. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Thanks for taking the pics. Some great ones. I would not have been able to see this otherwise.


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