Monday, April 12, 2010

Hey Phil.. You need a new fact checker!!

The Item is at it again. They really seem to enjoy telling one side of a story. This time it's regarding the new development slated for approval at city council on tuesday. If you read the paper you would think that all of the resident's concerns have been answered in the current design. Nothing could be further from the truth. Nothing has been resolved. We are still getting a building half designed by landscape architects hired by all care VNA and half designed by city councilors, both of which have no idea how to plan for urban revival. It looks like something out of an office park on 128 in Woburn. It is set back from the road. It has no first floor retail. It has a fence around its entire perimeter. Which concerns of the residents were resolved? Lynn Item, could you please answer that?

It's our job to tell one side of a story, our personal belief. Your job is to tell both sides. I know you were unable to do that during the election, but I thought you'd be willing to learn from that experience? He didn't win. It didn't work. Try really informing the public. That means both sides of the story. Journalism 101. At least I hope that's what they are teaching. But then again, what do I know. I'm just a blogger.



  1. When are the town meeings? And what area in question is up for development?

  2. Corner of broad and market. The plot of land right in front of the mgr garage facing the lynnway. Look at all posts tagged "all care vna". Meeting is Tuesday April 13th at 8 city hall council chamber.

  3. sounds like the Item wants to be a blog. lol

  4. You know, it's Funny. . They have a page of editorials where they are allowed to be one. On that page, you usually find content from writers outside of Lynn or AP editorials.

  5. a landscape architect designed this?

    This would explain things.
    I wish they didn't pretend to be an architect.
    I would much rather see a building look like a tree than what was drawn. lol

  6. even if the building was modern in design, it still could relate to the elements of downtown.

    poor design.
    I rather pick olives for a living, than design buildings like this ( and the walmart type)

  7. What makes you an expert on all things my dear?
    Do you not have another job besides blog commentary?

  8. Usually there are really more than 2 sides to a story.

  9. Anon - productive please. No need to attack other commenters. Katerina is an expert in architectural design and has a profound understanding of what would be appropriate for this area.

    Tom - Great point. Even maybe a story to the story and how that person/editor decides to tell it.

  10. She can be catty to all in her "field". What is her expertise? I see her running 4 or 5 blogs and commenting on comments all the time? Does she have a lisc or formal education? A job? Where did she become an expert?
    Not to be mean but what makes her an expert?

  11. I will let her put her resume on here if she feels the need to prove herself to an anonymous commenter.

    My personal opinion of her is based on several conversations and reading cityoflynnconcepts over the past year since it was featured in the paper I hate for winning a contest for a redesign of Lynn Shore Drive. She's won architectural contests. She's worked for architectural firms in Boston.

    She's more expert then I and possibly more expert then you? Care to identify yourself?

  12. She has suggestions...
    A little full of herself for many. It would be one thing if she owned/ran a successful firm.

    All I see is comments and blogs 24/7 on anything and everything.

    She is an expert on shoe shacks and dog fountains.
    I will says he can dish it and take it. The comments in The Item were brutal.

  13. Thank you Corey. It looks like Anon is not familiar with Lynn or its people too much :).

    I have no problem giving you my resume, and a look at my portfolio. I have a degree in architecture, are candidate, ncarb idp completion, and have been working in architectural firms since 1996, in Boston, Salem and Manchester. I am aways on the computer day and night drawing for pro-bono projects, competitions, or private work (which isn't paying for a while because of the economy). Other than writing, and drawing - I am also a programer for a drawing software program. I also teach Sunday School too, if this matters.

    My architectural projects have been mostly in Hospitality, and high end design. I first started out years ago drawing small buildings, atms, banks, man-holes, hotels, factories, docks... you name it. Recent work was with a developer in the Bahamas, high end stuff and a couple golf course club houses.

    I am born and raised in Lynn, so my understanding of the architecture, history and social life of this town comes with deep understanding.

    I'm helpful and forgiving. So if you need help on something, I'ld be glad to be of assistance if its your building we are talking about.

    I'll bring my portfolio to the meeting Tuesday, but It would be a pile high of information, and I have no time to organize my self this week. Common Causes are also taking up my time.

    I do not like to display a portfolio online, because a good designer has no style to admit too...
    cause every design should begin from site studies
    in which the VNA proposal lacks.

    I'm used to hate mail, so it plays no affect on stopping what I believe in. Must be the Lynn-girl in me :)

    And this city really matters to me, so I stand to defend and protect it. I've seen a lot of bad developments ruin Lynn growing up, and I will not stand to see it continue without freely voicing myself.

    The VNA building is copying the wrong buildings.
    why? because either the designer has not studied the area, or its a cheap way out. Take our advice or leave it. I'm not the only one saying it.

  14. I was also a speaker last year at the Build Boston conference, and the Boston Society of Architects on how to transition from cad to Building Information Modeling (3d drawings attached to data). And a guest studio critic for the architecture studios at WIT.

    I cannot work in firms anymore, because its the same old garbage, I can't agree with. I ended up working for the firm that did the mbta garage, and found out after being hired they designed it. I'm threw being a slave to firms, to serve their egos for wrong doings. The only way to be happy now is on my own, waiting for the right project. Unfortunatly not many of them come along.

    So my life story... I'm always misunderstood.
    I'm not this or that... I'm just a really hard worker who cares.

  15. you don't have to be an expert anon to figure out the building's design sucks. everyone said it so far

  16. Some have posted, 'If vna doesn't get their way, then they will probably leave Lynn'

    Has anyone said, 'If the new residents of downtown are not heard, then they will leave'

    I would if downtown becomes the medical district.

    people signed up to live here with a hope that it will come back.

    can't anyone see we are tired of all the social programs running the city.

    I want to live in a normal city, where people are not shoving other peoples problems down my throat.

    It's time to start thinking of the tax paying residents.

  17. I hope the council is listening.

    I'm wondering how the vote will go. I'm afraid our concerns will be taken lightly.
    We have to make strong cases! If we are heard, it will be a first for the people.

  18. Hey Anon,
    Thats more resume than the landscape designer you hired. or was that just a friend? Tell us more about this landscape architect? What is there resume like?

    I think the design is bad too, and I'm a not a designer.

  19. yeah! Phil needs a new fact checker.

    The story was completely one sided. Now you can rest assured the Item does not read the Lynn blogs. You guys have been blogging about this news way before it was printed in the paper. I overheard conversations in the street about this and other things, and then heard people say - 'But it wasn't in the paper!'. The paper doesn't want the blogs noticed, and I am not sure why.

  20. Never again will I read the itemliveThursday, April 15, 2010 at 10:44:00 AM EDT

    In fact I believe one of the bloggers on the itemlive works for the Item, and another for city hall.
    They denied a post which was not offensive. I asked them to be friendly and get to the point of things.

    I am suspicious of half the bloggers on the Item. Only because they do not bring up points, only quarrels which seem to have an agenda.


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