Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Let's be clear....

We did get a giant middle finger shoved in our direction today. Not by our Ward Councilor (I believe he tried to do right by us... and was also on the receiving end of that finger), but by the entire City of Lynn. "Thank you for your opinions, but no one cares. Please go home!" If someone heard differently, let me know.

I still think this is a win for us. I loved watching the community come together like that for this cause. It was amazing to listen to each and every one of you. I listened. They didn't. They choose to listen to those who don't have to live with this in their backyard (who also get a paycheck from Potter) and one dude from Munroe Street.

Is it just me, or is it asinine to let All Care VNA go forward without a prayer of having an influence on how this building is going to look? Yeah....that's what I'm thinking too. We have NO IDEA what the building is going to look like. They knew we hated the design so they opted to not show the artist rendering tonight. UGH! Why not show everyone that you plan to build a mini office park building?????? Scared of the outcry?? Shawn? Hello??? Anyone there?

Our council might as well have said, we don't care about Downtown Lynn. Let it be the medical ward, centennial park, whatever. We don't live there. Who cares?

I had one councilor whisper in my ear on the way out, that this is BS. They all know it too.

Oh yeah, Shawn Potter is going to show us his designs and ask for our feedback, sure. That is really not the point. Guess what his next design is going to look like. Eastern Bank. NSCC. Don't even think for a second that we're getting historic Lynn back. It's too expensive. It's not something a non-profit can afford to do. Once again....wrong thing for that space...

But...the council decided that the city shouldn't have a say. We should just put it in the hands of ISD for a final site review (which will be able to say which side the toilet flush handle should be on) and forget that we really have a plot of land of value here.

The city has no clue when it comes to urban development. The city has no idea what the future potential of Market Street is. The state tried to teach them, but they seem to think they know better then the experts. Forget all the plans we have in place for success. Let's try something random.

I hope you all are reading and realize it's time to get rid of these elected officials who have no idea what to do with the Downtown. I understand why Councilor Crighton had no choice but to approve this permit. I personally believe he was backed in to a wall and told exactly what to do. If he didn't he wouldn't have the votes and he'd just get Shawn Potter mad and unwilling to work with us (on that whole toilet seat flush handle side thing).

I just wish, we could get rid of the goon bullies above him. Unfortunately, not even the Mayor stood up to the big man. Big shun of the residents. Big embrace of a guy from South Hamilton and his pitiful PILOT. ~40,000 sq ft for 10K in year 1. I pay 2K for my 800 sq ft. That means just my building alone, 7 Central Square, is worth a hell of a lot more to the city coffers then this project. Why doesn't anyone care about that?

250 and decreasing.... A Discouraged Ward 5 resident tonight....

Not to worry readers... I'm back to positive starting tomorrow. Thinking about this whole thing gives me the willies (if willies are bad, which I think they are).



  1. Hi Corey,

    Sorry I wasn't able to attend, but my better half was. While I'm not surprised that it passed I am surprised that it passed and made it this far without architectural renderings. Did they at least have a materials list for what the building is going to look like. A color site plan can only say so much and it's usally about the layout and landscaping. It's not like this building is tucked down a side street off of Broad or Union. Considering where this is located knowing what it looks like should have been on the top of the councillors list, not whether it has 4 or 5 floors.

    I'm just dissappointed that even if the city wanted no part in purchasing the land last year that residents in the area were not informed sooner. It looks like our new councilor, Brandon, does conisder our interests/opinions and will keep us in the loop on future projects.

    Thanks for opening up our eyes and keeping us informed, great job Corey!

  2. Yeah - it was definitely a kick in the face. Having owned a condo in this town for 5 years I too would have hoped our words would have meant more. Why is doing things half-assed accepted in this town? The stipulations provided are b.s. because by the time any plans are seen, it will be too late in the process for anything more than a few tweaks to be made, or discussed leaving our community with possibly another hideous structure that covers up the MBTA building (as Mr. Potter said was a good thing). Well then - we're running out of space because how are we going to cover up the VNA building? Typical Lynn, it's not about covering up things - it's about doing the right thing. We need an urban planner - or someone that has a clue in this town because Corey is right - that 250 is dwindling because those that so passionately believe and have faith are feeling those feelings dwindle...and now that John McGrail is indicted - we have a criminal owning half of our city too...shows you what kind of people our city officials are in bed with...

  3. game plans.

    Corey if you get a chance to speak with VNA, tell them to incorporate the architecture for Storefronts, so the door is always open in the future. Even if they do not feel like filling them in right away. I don't know if its in the stipulations.

    A couple people mentioned they can hire companies to run the renting of the space if they do not feel like being landlords, if they wish to consider this.


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