Sunday, April 11, 2010

Lynndiana Jones and the Fences of Doom

An homage to John Williams and Lynn's urban planning abilities.

See you on the 13th at City Hall!


  1. OK--totally hilarious while really getting the point across!!!!! Love it.

  2. Ha ha, this is great! Nicely done.

    I have fought my way through that maze of fences before. Next time, I'll have a theme song to hum. :)

  3. I did get scared a little. :)
    Is this an Apple product?
    Maybe I should make one next on the architecture?
    I'll have to fly down rt 128 to video tape all the office buildings... no time

  4. You guys are just pathetic. It is beyond sad. All of you. I feel sorry for you. Have you nothing better to do on a sunny Sunday afternoon?

  5. which timezone are you in? its not afternoon anymore.

  6. Took 5 minutes. Apple's iMovie. Don't feel sorry, just open your eyes and read the market street vision plan. You'll come around, anon. I can just feel it.

  7. Funny story. I actually took this video on Good Friday. Today, after breakfast at the diner we tried to go in there with some friends but the gates were locked.

  8. I used to go in there and have picnic lunches with the kids during nice weather when we went to the museum or if I was working in the studio. One of the problems I have with the gates always being locked is that the handicapped access to my work space at LynnArts is in the back of the building. Having twins who come to work with me in a stroller proposes some of the same issues one would have with a wheelchair, such as the need to use the back ramp to get in and out of the LynnArts building, width of sidewalks when there is snow, etc..

    To get out to Central Square, or over to the Buffam parking we now have to go all the way around the building when it's locked, which is fine for me, because I am not handicapped, but no fun for someone who is, and during the winter months, I don't even bother taking the kids downtown anymore if its really cold, wet or if snow is on the ground. And if you look around, the gates haven't kept the garbage out at all.

    One point of interest that is not relevant, but I would like to throw in here, is that the monarchs will be around soon, and the back garden of LynnArts and the Lynn Museum is loaded with monarchs and eggs during their migration, especially if when the grounds people leave the milkweed. When the space was open, my kids and I would go in and bring some of the eggs home and hatch them, then release them back into the garden so that when they weeded, the eggs wouldn't get destroyed. FYI, it's pretty amazing.

    Anonymous, why so glum on a sunny Sunday afternoon? We didn't all go out and take five minutes of a day to advocate for our community! Some of us spent hours walking through the very open and ungated LynnWoods, where we saw no garbage and enjoyed the beauty of our city as left for all to enjoy by those with foresight to plan for the future residents of this great city!

    Not everyone who reads and participates on this blog agrees. Cory and I have disagreed a few times, and I have a different opinion on a couple of points of this particular project, but I respect his passion and advocacy regardless, as do I respect most that participate on this blog. There's no need for insults, you can disagree and get a point across much better without them. Please don't feel sorry for me, I live a wonderful life. Cheers!

  9. I watched the video again today, for amusement.

    It's pretty good... technics and putting point across


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