Saturday, April 24, 2010

Mah Zee, Do You Sell Trash Bags in Your Stationary Store?

Oh wait... it's not a stationary store. As a matter of fact, it hasn't been anything for the entire four years I've lived here. Turns out the owner, Mah Zee, has no real interest in doing anything with this property.  Mah Zee runs a "business" called Boston Peak Real Estate. Give him a call sometime and ask for details on the property. I did. He said he'd send me information on the property about two weeks ago. Tick Tock, Mah? Mah? Mr Zee?

Boston Peak Real Estate Inc
36 Wycliff Avenue
West Roxbury, MA 02132-4919
(617) 278-1818

He had it on the market a few years ago when no one was here. Hey Mah? We're ready now! Everything else on the street is full! Your property is a disgrace.  At least clean up the storefront to make it appealing to a potential buyer. Oh wait, you probably are too scared to go inside. Is that it?

Anyone know what the RED X means? I do. The Fire Department puts these on buildings which are UNSAFE TO FIGHT FIRES FROM THE INSIDE. So, the building in between one building where kids learn karate, and another building where kids learn to paint, could burn down to the ground and all our Lynn Fire Department is allowed to do is throw water on it from the outside. 

I'm asking Brendan Crighton to place a demolish order on this building with the hopes that this will spring our absentee owner from West Roxbury into action!!! Will our City Council stand behind us this time? I certainly hope so!!!



  1. Corey, if that building is demolished it may not be possible to build something in its place due to modern building codes. I understand what you're trying to accomplish. I want Mah Zee to fix his building, too. But I'd be really upset to see this building go.

    We need the city (and ourselves as bloggers and a neighborhood assoc.) to keep up pressure on landlords to maintain their facades. We also need the city's help in pressuring Mah Zee to make his building safe for firefighters to enter.

    But..please..don't demolish!!

  2. Seth, its the citys only card in these situations. Jamie has asked ISD to do there job and pressure mr. See on improvement to the storefront look. My main concern now is safety. If there is a risk of the whole block going up in flames because of this place then Id rather have a hole there.

    . The owner invested a chunk of change in this many years back. I think he will do the right thing, but it's a long drive from west roxbury so I don't think he's been around here for a while ;)

  3. Agreed, time for the city to step up and do something with these absentee landlords and hold them accountable.

  4. I agree on safety, but it pains me to think another downtown building can disappear. We've lost far too many. In fact, I wonder if it's old enough to get the Historic Commission in on the action.

    I also bet that building cleans up real nice. I've had fantasies about owning it myself, with a store, some offices in a floor or two above, and a loft with a roof deck above that. If only I had the money..

  5. i dont agree with demo. the cost of it, would be probably be more than the improvements it needs.

    can we find what the conditions are from the fire department first?

    - sprinklers?
    - exit signs?
    - 2nd means of egress?

    or are they saying its structurally unsafe... in which there could be things done to sister or strap to existing buildings to make it safe.

    it wouldn't be very green to demolish it either if we can fix it :)

  6. I can meet Wed or Thurs, but not too late

  7. My goal is restoration not demo. ISD is on
    the case. I'd like to see if they can get anywhere. This is actually a good use of their time, for once.

  8. Too bad the town is toothless and unable to enforce safety codes.

    This is a great idea, Corey, we should hold a fund raiser at Turbine or the Ox to raise money and awareness for this issue.
    Maybe we can hire some local Lynn labor to drive to west roxbury, drag mr mah out of his home by his naughty bits and tattoo a big red X on his forehead - no, wait- his whole face. A big red X (color will be pricey, we really need a good turnout).

  9. i like the idea of starting a fund. maybe we can find cultural grants too. we really need a community building for all the talents to freely use. that would be cool.

    wed or thur works for me.

  10. Thursday night. I will be at the gallery until 8:30. Can we meet there, or if a later meeting is ok, I can go wherever.

  11. I am booked all week. Wednesday night I will be at Turbine with some of my cast from my current show. I could chat then.


  12. Wed night I have a studio visit in Malden, but will stop by after to see if you are still there. I will be downtown most nights the upcoming couple of weeks. Next week is definitely soon enough. Lots of good things coming up at the gallery! I'll fill you in after this week is over and I have dates and things nailed down.

  13. next week, any night but Tuesday works for me.

    if we are meeting this wed... just let me know what time

  14. I gave Mr. Zee a call just to inquire and he said he plans to do something to the inside windows sometime "next week" to at least make it so you can't see inside and how terrible it looks! He also said he does not plan to make any safety repairs to the inside at this time. Sad!

  15. I am wondering - doesn't the building have to be up to the fire code? You would think that it would for the general safety of downtown residents and buildings? Just wondering...I know that I was concerned last year about the empty bank next to 50-56 Central Square which is owned by the Mayo Group. I called the fire inspector and he was on top of things and did an inspection and even called me back to let me know. I was really impressed!

    Anyway, I was just wondering about this building as well...


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