Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Mayo(nnaise) Group finally paying for their Incompetence

Maybe we can get some of our incredible buildings back from their grasp and into the hands of those developers who don't find themselves to be indicted for horrible crimes these days.A lot of the storefronts that are still empty (not many these days) are in Mayo's hands and they do little to nothing with them, other then write them off at tax time.

Never thought I'd say this, but GO Martha Coakley!



  1. I'm surprised this story hasn't received more coverage in the Boston press.

    I can't find it in the Herald, and they love a good scandal.

    And I'm also surprised that the Item's story didn't receive more comments. Perhaps it's telling of what little Lynners know of Mayo's transgressions? Or, maybe telling a Lynner that a developer swept the City off its feet and took advantage of it, is like telling them the sky is blue.

    I'm not sure what it is, but thanks for helping to get the word out.

    I had gotten tired of hearing praise for John McGrail from people who should have known better, including our former Mayor.

  2. I don't know much about it. i mean

  3. Media, somehow, an unwed mother on Section 8 generates more outrage than a corporation arraigned for going out of its way to illegally dump hazardous material and cheating its tenants and workers. Go figure.

  4. I noticed a City of Lynn employee planting flowers outside 7 central. If they aren't caring for that island, I wish we could get rid of the Mayo Group advertisement in front of the clock.

  5. The Mayo group did a lot of good for the city.
    Developers and contractors do bad things all the time.
    Single unwed welfare/sec 8 mothers cheat taxpayers and their children-- all the time!
    The city is full of the welfare mothers and scammer contractors.

  6. Annonymous, don't you mean, men desert their responsibilities to help provide for their families and scam the city all the time?

  7. Annonymous, don't you mean, men desert their responsibilities to help provide for their families and scam the city all the time?

  8. or perhaps women who are the ones who give birth need to accept responsibility and pick a better partner to have a child with.
    Most men do not leave their children. Most men take care of their children.
    It only amongst the lower class people. There are exceptions of a woman being widowed etc, but the liberal "hood" mentality has embraced these failures and made it easy for them to keep plugging along getting knocked up by the first man who will bed them!

  9. i know many men and women who are in the scam together. they will not marry so the women can collect

  10. it takes two to make a child,
    and two to cheat the system

  11. I should have kept my mouth shut. The trouble with generalizations is that you make up categories to fit a world view that may not stand up under the scrutiny of logic.

    On another note, yes we should get rid of the mayo sign if they're not doing anything. Replace it with a business that ethical and cares.

  12. We can replace the sign with one for SPIN, WIC or one of the local meth clinics?
    (or make one of the single welfare moms tend to the garden. or have her boyfriend who beats her tend to it as his community service) LOL

  13. I just did a google search and pulled up the Lynn Item Mayo article, but what I find is that it is NOT on the front home page of the Lynn Item meaning you have to have an online subscription to find it through their site. Interesting - b/c I think they purposely didn't leave it on the front page along with other articles probably due to their relationship with Mayo (and Clancy and his clowns).

  14. Lol, most men take care of their children? Then why so many single mothers on welfare.. you can't have it both ways. EIther they are financially taking care of their children, or there aren't many single mothers... hmmmm. Yup, keep putting the blame on the women, because, ya' know, we're all vixens running around in heat bedding gullible, vulnerable, ignorant men, lol. They really have no say or responsibilities in their actions. You're not giving men a very good image yourself, there, mister.

  15. The post is about putting John McGrail in striped clothing. Let's get back to celebrating that!!!


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