Monday, April 12, 2010

Meetup 7pm - April 13th- Corner of Market and Broad

For all those heading to City Hall tomorrow to speak in opposition or in favor of The new development at market and broad, we will meet on the site at 7pm to discuss the relevant opinions with the full context of this important piece of the Downtown right in front of our eyes. We will then walk the length of our prime retail area, historic Market Street, to City Hall.

1. 1st floor retail mandatory.
2. Build to the street and high enough to cover garage.
3. No fence.
4. Video surveillance in back alley created by new space.

No one wanted to be here 20 or even 10 years ago. In the last 5 there has been extreme progress made. One year ago the land went up for bid. This is not the right fit for the gateway to Downtown Lynn. Think 5 more years down the road. Do we want it to look like an office park when people turn off 1A? I don't think we do. Add first floor retail. Engage the city resources on getting Shawn Potter a partner and make this the right type of development. I want the VNA in Lynn, just not on the first floor.



  1. How did this come to the attention of the Council? Was it the change in use or was it the comments from residents concerning storefronts?

    I wish major projects like this sought community feedback in the beginning, rather than at the end of a project. But it seems like this project is not seeking feedback from the community. Everyone has their ear plugs in, including city developers. Isn't this unusual, and supposed to be the other way around?


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