Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Mexican Food in Lynn, MA is Phenomenal!

I just finished by Chicken Burrito from Tacos Lupita on the corner of Washington and Munroe. Fresh ingredients, pleasant quick service, and great attention to detail. The burrito comes with a side cup of hot sauce. A perfect compliment to an already amazing menu item. It's been a long time since I had Tacos Lupita and it was a great welcome back.  My wife and I just watched the most horrible movie of all time, The Surrogates with Bruce Willis. Tacos Lupita appears in that film during the motorcycle chase. I still do not recommend the movie, but I do recommend the burrito. :-)

On Anita's blog this week, she profiles Casa Molina. This place is a little out of Downtown on Lewis Street. I've heard a few people rave about it now. Perhaps we need a "Taco Showdown" in Central Square.



  1. The Sopa De res (beef soup) from there is awesome! You can only get it on weekends and it sells out quick.

  2. I'm excited about this and I can't even eat there!

    If it's not gluten, it's chicken stock, if it's not chicken stock, it's lard or pork. I walked into Casa Molina when it was newly opened and the owner very nicely told me that there are meat products in the beans, rice, etc.

    Fernandos has several good options for me. Turbine has flourless chocolate cake and gluten-free beer. But, I failed at convincing a few Italian places to keep gluten-free pasta handy.

    Anyway, back to Mexican food. I love it. But, as far as I know, I still have to travel out of Lynn to find it truly vegetarian and safely gluten free. One day...

    (And for those who don't know - Gluten Free in my case is not by choice, it's due to a legit medical condition. Vegetarian was a choice I made twenty years ago, long before the gluten problem)

  3. I can't believe I almost forgot to credit Tatiana's for making an amazing vegetarian/gf Spanish rice last night (and Greek salad).


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