Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Neighborhood Meeting TONIGHT

6:30PM - City Hall - Room 302


Will the building come all the way TO THE STREET like every other building on Market Street?

Will there be a FENCE or NOT?

If you don't have enough time to read the post, just read the capitalized words, but more importantly, whether you agree with me or not, come to the meeting!!!!!!!

If you have no idea what I am talking about, see the links on the top right column of this site. All Care VNA is up for a permit for non-conforming use on land in front of the MBTA garage. This is our opportunity to be heard on this topic. Your City Council is listening.

I'd like to reiterate that All Care VNA is a fine business and I completely support what they do. They could not be at this meeting for all I care. My issue is with how the state and city are going to potentially allow this particular parcel of land to be developed.... incorrectly.

Jamie Marsh from OECD, Jim Cowdell from EDIC, Tim Phelan, Brendan Crighton, and reps from All Care VNA will be in attendance. Our city planner can not attend, because......oh yeah, we don't have one.

See you there,

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  1. I had to leave the meeting, but others covered my thoughts. I like VNA and I hope they find their building, but not under the current proposal, which is not helping the downtown area much. I do not believe they are being led very well by their designer. So on one hand had I feel bad for the circles they have been through.

    Where was the designer to defend their building? I'm disappointed the designer chose to copy NCSS and Eastern Bank... not because it is appealing.. (it truthfully isn't), but because it is cheaper to build this way. The glass curtain wall is out of context, and will be meaningless like the mbta glassed roof entry unless there was art or some kind of 'talent' on display. The architecture in the rendering looked outdated and like every other horrid office building. (well maybe the trees and sky were colored nicely... pat on the back for their renderer - or maybe its the renders fault I did not see any details on the building)

    The idea to hide the ugly mbta building, is not really doing it either. We can still see it.

    There is no call of respect to historical architecture in downtown by picking up some of the depth, forms and details.
    I guess I'll never see the historic view of downtown Lynn again unless the MBTA garage falls :)

    A fence will not keep out trash, but encourage it. Its easy to throw garbage through the rails...when someone walking behind you on the sidewalk cannot notice it. because the rails in perspective form a shield (i'll explain if u ask)

    Storefronts all around the building will help:
    1. draw attention and traffic stops to downtown
    2. lead people into downtown
    3. keep the alley safe and active all hours of the day.


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