Sunday, April 11, 2010

North Shore Magazine's Best of the North Shore!

The North Shore Magazine is running their annual Best of the North Shore. The Blue Ox wants to win "Best New Restaurant" on the North Shore!!! Help them out!

While you're in there, vote in other Lynn Greats!

Furniture : Zimmans
Jewelry: Omar and Oscar
Lighting: Lucia Lighting
Kid-Friendly Dining: Tatiana's
Art Gallery:The Little Gallery Under the Stairs
Golf Course: Gannon
Trivia Night: Tatiana's
Bakery: D'Amicis
Breakfast: Capitol Diner or Fernandos
Burger: The Blue Ox Burgers
Cakes: D'Amicis
Ice Cream: Flavaz
Italian: Old Tyme Italian
Mexican: Tacos Lupita
New Restaurant: The Blue Ox
Pizza: Fauci's
Sandwiches: Fernando's
Steak: The Blue Ox
Vietnamese: Pho Lynn
Wine List: Turbine Wine Bar


  1. "Flavaz" ice cream is TERRIBLE.

  2. Flavaz hours are terrible. Their ice cream is richardsons. I think it's good.

  3. Ferando's doing a EXELENT job !
    I went to fernando's almost every day in a very good diferent specials every day...I guess that mean everything is FRESH and DELICIOUS.

  4. Fernandos has an amazing Guatemalan breakfast. A delicious sandwich menu and they are trying out some new bistro style items. We need to support them as much as possible.

  5. Flavz has two ice cream choices with freezer burn.
    I think his main business is airbrush which really does not go with ice cream. Paint chemicals ewww...

  6. Another good point. What is it with air brushed shirts in Central square. Does anyone buy them?


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