Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Red X = Collapsing Ceilings, Floors, and Plaster

Lynn Fire Department Deputy Macdonald filled me in on the Red X today when I called over to the LFD business office.

Zee Mah? Fix your roof. During all the rain storms of the past month, the Fire Department took a little check in to the old Arnold's Stationary building. Apparently the water from the storm was appearing in the basement without too much trouble as it came straight through the roof, down through each floor, and in to the basement.  That's a lot of neglect. It appears to be a five floor (or four with an attic) building.

The Fire Department has put the Red X up as a warning to Fire Fighters that the building is unsafe and to watch and be aware that plaster, ceilings, and roofs might be collapsing on top of them.   The Deputy Chief informed me that this presents no more danger to the buildings connected to it. If the Red X was there or not, we'd be in the same amount of danger. It's simply for informational purposes for our firefighters in the Lynn Fire Department.   That makes me feel a little better, but I still would rather the fire department be able to go inside safely if anything were to happen. We shouldn't allow our out-of-town landlords to cause our men and women in uniform unnecessary harm.

Jamie Marsh and ISD are on this like wildfire. I really continue to be impressed by Mr. Marsh and his commitment to doing the right thing for the downtowners. I'm told Zee Mah is coming to town. Maybe we should through him a parade? It's probably the first time he's been in Lynn in 5 years. Brendan Crighton has also promised his support in getting this space cleaned up.  I look forward to a better visual through the first floor windows by next week. It's such a cool space. If you look inside, there is a great staircase at the back of the floor. Curtains, or painting the glass white (like Mayo does) is not a great answer. Let us see inside these amazing historic spaces. Set it up like a show room to entice people to want their office to be there. Put a freaking FOR SALE sign up somewhere. Maybe, then, someone might know it's for sale? God forbid, someone might want to buy it? Gee, what a concept!!!

Still waiting for Zee Mah to send me the details on what the building is all about and what he's looking at for a price tag. Doesn't seem to want to sell the property at all from my perspective or maybe Phil got to Zee first and told him not to sell me anything. 

Demolish Order - Temporarily On Hold - We'll see if he pulls through next week.


  1. That Phil...out to thwart you at every turn!

  2. At least he answered his phone when I called him yesterday to ask him to do something about the building. I say we take a trip to Roxbury and picket outside!


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