Friday, April 2, 2010

Save the Date: April 6th - Neighborhood Meeting on All Care VNA

Your city council has been listening to you....On this blog, over coffees, and at City Hall, several meetings have been occuring to get everyone's points of view aired so that we all can have an effective City Council session on April 13th. Councilor Crighton has pushed for a neighborhood meeting to occur on April 6th at 6:30PM at City Hall in Room 302.

As is, I am in OPPOSITION to this plan. In order to move forward inline with any common sense plan for the gateway to our prime retail heavy thoroughfare, it must have:

1. Retail space on the bottom floor (or designed in a way to allow it in the future)
2. Stretch all the way to the sidewalk (in line with the retail space / 1st floor needs)
3. NO fence

If we can accommodate these 3 requests, while giving VNA their new home on floors 2 and above, there is no issue with construction starting right now! Any other solution to this, is short-term thinking. We are not in a Great Recession as some in City Council and Speaker of the House DeLeo would have you believe. We are in recovery. We don't need short term thinking, we need vision and strategy. It is why we had the Market Street Vision Plan put together in the first place. Read the plan, it makes perfect sense. Common sense!!!

I can only attend the first 45 minutes, but I will be there. Please do your best to attend on April 6th. It's much better to get your thoughts heard before the 13th.

Letter from Councilors Crighton and Phelan:

March 31, 2010

Dear Neighbor:

Please consider this letter a formal invitation to a Neighborhood Meeting on Tuesday, April 6, 2010 at 6:30 p.m. in Room 302 at City Hall.

The purpose of this meeting is to discuss the proposed plan by All-Care VNA to construct a building on the corner of Market Street and Broad Street.

In attendance will be representatives from VNA as well as James Cowdell, Executive Director of EDIC and James Marsh, Director of Economic & Community Development to answer any and all questions.  Your input, ideas and suggestions will be greatly appreciated on this matter.

Thank you and we look forward to seeing you on April 6th.

Very truly yours,

Timothy Phelan                                 Brendan P. Crighton
Council President                              Councillor Ward Five


  1. This is kind of a bummer. I sort of thought of that space as a park.I just don't get the sense that Lynn would benefit from having less open space. But then again, I am an edge case when it comes to these things.

  2. There's another meeting a 1/2 hour after this one starts in the hall. tough.

  3. Charlene,

    I understand what you're saying, but just look at that patch of grass. It's not inviting open space. It's not used. It's just grass. Grass is not environmentally friendly, either.

    The empty green island looks bleak, too me. Trees and native plants, along with paths and benches to engage people, would be another matter.

    But downtown lost a lot of its density to fires and demolition.

    If we're going to remain a downtown and not transform into a suburb, we're going to have to build some of that density back up.

    What happens when you separate buildings by green space? It's something called sprawl, and then more people end up using their cars.

    NSCC has so much green space around it, so I don't think this particular parcel will be missed in the condition that it is. Maybe we can petition them to remove their fence.

    And as an added bonus, we'll have something to block the ugly garage.


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