Thursday, April 8, 2010

Shocked at MBTA Efficiency

After my shock and awe at the city not knowing this land was up for bid, I had to find out how it was advertised. If you don't know what I am talking about, check out the links in the top right box of this blog under Lynn NOW!

I contacted the MBTA today to find out how the public bidding process worked. I talked to customer service who transfered me to Transit Realty, a 3rd party that handles all MBTA real estate transactions. I told them who I was and where the property was and they transfered me to Christopher Ashe who handles Lynn.  At first, I think he was skeptical of why I was asking the questions I was asking, but he was very forthcoming. He pointed me to their website to learn about the public bidding process. (By the way, if you go to this site, check out the Ashmont development... talk about knowing what's around you and designing something appropriate. That's what we need!).

He also informed me that the City of Lynn should have known about this if they were watching the standard public process. The MBTA publicized this in very grand detail in the Lynn Item for two weeks in April of 2009.  I searched the Item archives and sure enough.... there it was... (For just $10 a month, you can search the archives as well as have access to the actual paper online.  Gee.... for a paper I hate, I certainly advertise for it a lot. Phil should pay me!)

Just for the record, this doesn't make their planned use of the parcel any better. It just means it was all done above board. The failure was in the City's reaction/non-involvement in the bidding process in April of 2009.  If we vote Yay on this non-conforming use on Tuesday, the failure will be in the City Council's inability to see the future.

Kudos to the MBTA for getting me through their phone system in a matter of seconds to the right person. I really never thought I'd be typing that sentence.



  1. Two points:

    1. The argument that the land was up for grabs for 20 years no longer holds if it was only put up for bid in April and was given to the one bidder.

    2. Even if they did put it in the local paper, direct contact with city development officials should have been made.

    Good to hear that it wasn't a back door deal. Good for them for helping you straight through. That's encouraging.

  2. Looks like we lost this one. Nothing we can do. They did it all legally. You told them our ideas. I hope they listen. If not we can move on to the next action to better the community.

  3. If this were family fued, there would be a a big X and a loud noise after that comment Jimmy.

    We have not officially told the entire council our ideas. That happens on the 13th in the City Council session.

    This is a long way from over. Everyone with opinions on either side needs to be in City Hall on the 13th to voice them.


  4. I can find out news about the community through these blogs or the barber shop, faster than it is written in the papers. the papers need to focus more on the community instead of where they are looking - in all communities

  5. Great job pursuing this, Corey! You are doing some really great community advocacy work.


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