Thursday, May 13, 2010

Chalk It Up To R.A.W.

Came home today to kids all over Central Square with chalk. I love it when R.A.W. gets all funky on our neighborhood. It's really great to see so many kids involved over there. I grabbed a few pictures. If you're around tonight, go check out their gallery opening. Next week, they have their annual BASH.  If you go to the BASH, be sure to go to the pre-BASH party at Turbine Wine Bar (right across the street). I've been to RAW's BASH every year except this one as I will be away on vacation. It's a fun and emotionally rewarding evening. You would be very pleased to check it out. We even have a piece of art hanging in our bedroom that we won in silent auction a few years ago. It's our favorite piece in the house.

Thanks to R.A.W. for making Central Square what it is today!


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