Friday, May 7, 2010

City Council Agenda for May 11th

May 11, 2010

Roll Call
Moment of Silence
Pledge of Allegiance

Motion to accept minutes of April 27, 2010.

Public Hearings:
Petition of Michael Iovanna, for permission for a sign permit at Pride Hyundai, 777-793 Lynnway (Capano)

Petition of Donald Jaynes, Jaynes Industrial Moving, Inc. for permission to rent rooms in a Heavy Industrial area to musicians and artists at 69 Bennett Street with hours of operation from 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 a.m.  (Capano)

Petition of Oliver Toomey, Clerk, Neighborhood Development Association for permission to allow construction of a single family home in a business district with less than the required area (4,634 s.f.) at 393 Summer Street.  (Capano)

Petition of David J. Potter, 92 Brookline Street, LLC,  for permission for an
Apartment House Use in Light Industrial District (Lesser use) at 92, 118-120 Brookline Street.  (Cyr)

Petition of Gregory S. Boudreau, for permission to build a three car garage on existing new single family house at 23 Apple Hill Lane.  (Trahant)

Unfinished Business:
Laid over from Public Property Meeting of April 27, 2010:

Ordered that the City owned property at 176 Franklin Street, 182-186 Franklin Street be awarded to the highest bidder, Paramount Development, Inc., Gary Funari, President, 1 Laurel Street, Lynn for the amount of $151,000.00 and that all bid deposits be returned to unsuccessful bidders.

Laid over from Finance Committee Meeting of April 27, 2010:
Ordered that the City Comptroller be and is hereby authorized to appropriate One Million One and Fifty Five Thousand Eight Hundred Fifty Two ($1,155.852.00) Dollars, as allotted to the City of Lynn by Transportation Bond Bill, Chapter 291D of the Acts of 2006, as an available fund.

Ordered that the City Comptroller be and is hereby authorized to make the following appropriation transfers:

From the Account of Fire Department Expense:
    To the Account of Unpaid Bills of Prior Years (Fire):   


From the Account of Reserve Fund:
    To the Account of Information Technology Expense:   


From the Account of Mayor’s Staff Payroll:
    To the Account of Incidental Expense:           


Committee Reports
Ways & Means

New Business:
Green Communities Program/presentation.


  1. Why does someone (Neighborhood Development Corporation, no less) want to build a house on less than the required space in a business district? Seems kind of odd to me.

  2. Interesting... more artists' studio spaces. Can't wait to see what happens. The more the better.

  3. maybe the Camp Lion for kids can look into one of the abandoned buildings downtown. They can have rooftop garden space. might as well get used to the idea of urban sprawl now.


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